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The world of SEO has been turned on its ear. This is because the major search engine giant has all but wiped out the favorite tactic of black hat, white hat, and grey hat optimizers everywhere. Make no mistake, that one search engine is in the business of making sure that good content shows up first (or at least as best as they can). However, since the system is based on an algorithm, there will never be a great result on the machines because the computers are not good at contextual based analysis. They do not know relevant data other than the mathematical signals that show what good content may or may not look like.

Therefore, a gentleman like Freddie W has better SEO than most companies. The marketing strategy is all built around content, and there is little to no focus on search engine optimization. To be very honest, this is exactly what the major search engine is looking for when they look at what to rank on the search engines. Their current head of “web spam” has said that search engine is interested in allowing people doing little to no search optimization to compete. Well, ladies and gentlemen, meet Freddie W. He has better SEO than most companies because he does nothing but focus on content.

However, the problem with shareable content is that it requires a certain kind of humor. In fact, this method of generating buzz and links has a fatal flaw as it relates to most businesses. Most businesses are too busy trying to look professional that they do not have any room for advertising that displays any kind of humor. Therefore, the businesses that can find a way to make this image work with their corporate images are businesses that get an advantage on the search engines.

In most cases, big companies get their PR and marketing strategies mixed up. They use a medium that should be result based medium such as TV and try to use their entertainment-based media to garner attention. However, this would make more sense online where it could generate links and buzz. It could be shared across the internet and it can exist forever on the internet. However, this money is usually wasted on the TV screen where someone can fast forward through the content with a push of button. The trick of making traditional advertising is capturing the attention of the prospect and delivering a message that speaks to them. Unfortunately, most businesses do not do this because they are still operating on the belief that people are forced to watch the commercials during a TV show. This is not true, and businesses are paying through the nose learning this lesson (or ignoring it).

Brand advertising is better suited online because of the ability to share the content across the internet and the ability of the content to go viral. Therefore, a gentleman like Freddie W will continue to defeat other companies with higher budgets because he understands that he must produce quality entertaining content to get the business he wants. In reality, Freddie W practices arbitrage (because most of his profits come from the ads on his videos). However, if this gentleman understood internet marketing and capturing leads he would probably make a lot more money (if he had a solid grasp on affiliate marketing).

Want better search engine visibility for a business or a business venture, and then be ready to make entertaining material. However, do not expect to hit a home run every time a new virtual asset is released. Therefore, producing content is a major element but not the only element. The old adage applies, “how do I get more views when I have no links. How do I get more links when no one sees my content?” If a business or business person wants better search engine visibility, then they should produce good content and include basic level SEO (and advanced if they understand it) to get the traffic they want.

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