How to Market Your Business: Part 3: SEO Basics

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You’re a business owner, and you would like to learn how to create a site that the search engines like.

Here, I’ll show you how. You don’t have to be an “SEO Expert” to use these techniques, that anyone cal do.

Where does my knowledge come from? Partly, because I’ve been writing for online websites for over 12 years. I have also written tutorials for SEO firms, who specialize in optimization, and have helped these companies improve THEIR rankings.

It’s simpler in some ways, than you think..

Years ago, you could put a website up, use keywords, create an article library, and within a few weeks, rank pretty well. I know, because as an experiment, in 2000 I created a women’s health website (Women’s Health Online), that ranked on the first page for Google within 2 weeks of its creation. I had a newsletter that had subscribers growing daily.

It isn’t that easy any more, but you can still get good organic search engine rankings (ranking that you don’t have to pay for), by following these suggestions. And doing it yourself will help your budget, which you can save for those pay per click ads (or better yet, go out to dinner with a friend!)

1. Use local search keywords: If you are a plumber in Hot Springs, Arkansas, people in Minneapolis or Denver probably aren’t looking for your services. Instead, you want people in Hot Springs to find you when they go online and type in “dentist.” That’s where local search comes in.

You need to mention your location in your keywords and your website content. So, your keywords would include dentist, Hot Springs, AR. Your title might even read: Professional Dentist for Hot Springs, Arkansas on your home page. And, you’ll want to mention somewhere in your content that your office is conveniently located in downtown Hot Springs, Arkansas.

This lets the search engines know where you are – and point folks who search there to you. Be sure to add your location to the metadescription, too.

2. Bold your keywords in the most important places: you’ll want your header 1 lines to have a keyword, and to use them in your page title, headlines and for emphasis.

3. Don’t spam. If you have pages that describe your business dedicated to different offices in several cities, create umique content for each page. If you are an affiliate site, try to create your own unique descriptions as much as possible for products you sell.

4. Avoid keyword stuffing. Have you ever read a page that used the same word over and over and over and… you get the idea. That’s stuffing, and it drives customers away (and annoys search engines). Instead, create quality content that flows naturally.

You’ll convert more customers, and that really is the goal.

Make sure that your links, titles and headlines reflect the content that is actually there, or you will not only irritate search engines, but your site visitors who clicked on a link expecting certain content.

5. Get Quality Links: this is the real key to optimizing, assuming you have half way decent content on your site. Note the word “quality”” getting links from link farms, or too many artificial links won’t help your optimization. Instead, work on finding sites that offer information that is really relevant to your business, or offers information your customers might want to know.

Trade links with sites that are reputable, and have been around for awhile (the longer, the better, according to Google). Get listed in some good.directories, like DMOZ, and Yahoo.

6. Create fresh content: updated, relevant content from blogs or site articles is a good way to keep your website indexed for those keywords you want – and interesting to site visitors.

These are a few very basic ideas. There are more advanced strategies for SEO, but each one here doesn’t cost money, and is easy to implement.

Lee Waldrop has helped clients with improving their search engine results with quality SEO copywriting for over a decade. You can learn more about SEO optimization, online marketing and content by visiting

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