Rising Up the Ranks of SEO With Inbound Links

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Having inbound links going into your website is beneficial for SEO. This will establish trust and relevance to your site thus it is important to check on the links going into your website as not all of them will be valuable for you. A link that came from a website that is completely different from your website will not at all help your SEO efforts, but instead will hurt your link building campaign. Keep in mind that all links are not created equal and what you want to stay clear of are low quality inbound links. Just look at what happened to the recent Google algorithm update where websites with low-quality inbound links got deeply affected.

If you are one of those that got affected or got penalized then it’s vital that you analyze the current inbound link portfolio going into your website. The same is true for those who just wants to avoid penalty in the future and for those who wants to have a successful link building campaign for SEO purposes. Check out the following tips below that will help you achieve link building SEO success.

Make a Link Report

You can make a link report of your inbound links using some of the leading backlink reporting tool or you can use the Google Webmaster Tools. If you have been doing SEO for your website for quite some time now and uses content marketing and social media, then most likely you will already have a lot of inbound links. Perhaps it can go even go beyond a thousand of inbound links. Keep in mind that for every site, the number of inbound links may vary and generating a report will let you know how much links you’ll be dealing with.

Checking Out the Links on the Report

After a report has been generated, it is a good idea to manually visit the sites that is linked to you. This can be a tiresome task but one must be done for your website’s benefit. Your goal in doing so is to find out if the link is worth having by visiting each link and finding the link going into your website. Simply by manually visiting the links, you will already know if the link is a keeper. If you happen to see a lot of advertisement, strange URL, spelling and grammar errors or perhaps the website is irrelevant to the contents of your site, then you might want to steer clear of that link. You can also check if the link is from a link farm and if the link does not hold any value simply by visiting the site. While at it, you can make a list of these bad websites already for future reference.

Getting Information about The Inbound Link’s Websites

It’s also beneficial for you to get as much information about the inbound link’s website such as the contact information of the site owner so that you can notify them just in case there will be changes in your website. One of the changes you need to check on is the anchor text of the links especially if you had been using the same keyword all over again. Varying and analyzing anchor text is also necessary because you don’t want to over optimize a single keyword which is the cause for many websites to fail the ranks in the recent Google algorithm update.

Ranking in the search engine results takes a lot of hard work. But if you are able to do it right with your inbound links, then you will find that you will get rewarded as you rise up the ranks.

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