SEO in Layman’s Terms: Getting From Point A to B

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Most people love to travel and it’s this love for travel that gets us across the world to a fun new destination or just to the edge of town for a mug of beer. Imagine that the internet is just like the real world. You’ve got tunnels, roads and streets. You have the typical ways to get from point A to point B, and then you’ve got the shortcuts. You essentially have links that get you everywhere, provided that you know the routes, and the possibilities are endless.

In very simple terms, the internet is just like this. You have locations too, in the forms of domains and websites and essentially, you also have inter-connecting avenues and streets to get to your destination. There isn’t just one way to get to a destination there are a whole list of ways that you can get from one point on the internet to another. How does this happen?

Think about it like a map creator. In the real world you have people or machines that create maps for you to get from one place to another. They essentially pull up the information by following roads and seeing where they lead and then marking each place based on the type of structure or property that it is. In the internet realm, that map creator is a search engine.

Search engines run algorithms (tech speak for formulas and instructions) called spiders. These spiders follow the roads from one point to another and create a map of the internet. In this case, the roads that they follow are links. These links, are just like roads that bring the spiders (or crawlers as they are sometimes called) to different destinations. Just like a map maker, these spiders gather the information about landmarks and locations and store them so that they are easily accessible. It’s that information that you pull up when you do a search on engines like Google.

So where does SEO come into all of this? Well, you will notice that when you do a search on a search engine, you pull up lists of results. In fact there are often pages and pages of results. Remember that these results, as explained in the previous paragraph are essentially landmarks.

The search engine determines the most important landmarks from all the information that is gathered and then ranks them for importance. It’s just like getting to a new place. If you want to get to a new place, you are going to want to make sure you end up at the most common landmark and associate everything to that. It’s a little like the mall. Most things are relative to that point. In the case of the internet, SEO helps the spiders see you and look at you as a place of importance. That’s why when you look for directions to information, the more important you are, the higher up you are in the results.

So simply put, search engine results are basically the landmarks to a place on the internet and SEO is a means of getting spiders to see you and rank you as important. There are more complex explanations of course, but in essence it is all about building your importance on the internet.

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