Do Article Submission Services Help SEO?

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Well, the expert community is pretty torn in its agreement over this debate. Some would tell you how horribly wrong and a huge waste of time article submission websites are, while others would sell you on the subject of article submission directories.

In order to understand if article submission services actually help SEO, we have to understand that SEO is not a one-time tool. It is a combination of different practices and tools that come together and create a brilliant strategy to notch up search engine rankings. One of the tools that SEO normally uses to improve search engine rankings is article submission sites.

Article submission is a simple process of writing articles that are relevant to the keywords that you are targeting and then submitting it to different article submission websites to gain links and traffic. It is a cost effective procedure and brings relevant traffic.

There are three main ways in which you can make sure to take the fullest advantage of article submission websites to help improve your own website’s SEO.

First, your keyword research must be up to the mark. You must look for the keywords that can help you generate higher traffic. Your next step is to look for relevant and informative topics that will come together in a useful manner for your visitors. Once you’ve locked down the keywords that you want to work with, and have found the most relevant topics that you want to write about, your next important job is to gather facts and figures regarding those topics so your articles can have authority.

This is an important point. If your article or what you are saying is empty of any authority on the subject, people will not be interested in what you have to say. The information you will be imparting will be listened to less favorably. Nothing can be worse than wrong information or outdated facts. So, keep your information updated and accurate.

The next step is how you create your article and the placement of your keywords. Depending on the nature of the website you are working with and your other SEO demands, you must place keywords in title, in the first or at least the second paragraph, then in the second last paragraph and finally in conclusion. Make sure that you do not use keyword more than 3 times in the article, and once in the title.

The third and the most important way in which you can use article submission services to affect your SEO practices, is use the most popular and effective article directories to submit your content to. There are a hundred different article directories that you can choose and publish your articles at, but that would be a waste of time.

Select those that are regularly crawled by the search engines, and hence have more chances of displaying your content in the search engine listings. Also, do not keep on posting the same article on 20-30 article submission services; search engine count only one copy, so instead of visiting time on posting, invest that time in creating more content.

Hiring an expert article submission service can help you achieve this enviable goal with least bit of effort and with no hassle at all.

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