How To Be More Efficient With Your Banner Advertisements

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Banner ads are one of the best types of advertisement. They have the power to deploy your message faster, more effectively, in order to target your audience more precisely. Also, it pays to know that creating such banner ads has become more affordable, but, as with any advertisements, it all boils down to the creative input.

Another thing to remember is that, the length of time before an online banner becomes obsolete or begins to lose its conversion power is much faster than with print. However, this should not be seen as a disadvantage. Quite on the contrary, this allows you to deploy more banner ads, change them regularly and in the process learn which banner design is the most effective.

So without further ado, here are a couple of tips for banner design that have been shown to make a great difference to your banner advertisements:

Simplicity and straightforwardness:

There is nothing worse than a banner ad that tries too hard to target everyone but in the end is interesting to nobody. People deploy long copy and in doing that they negate the advantage of visuals, the instant connection that it can create with the audience. Keep your communication to the essentials and make sure it’s concise and precise.


You should always pick your fonts based on ease of use and readability. Remember it’s not about looking extravagant, cool, sexy, or whatever else – it’s about being immediately perceived and understood. The Helvetica type fonts are best – they have proven their worth in print ads, in TV ads and so on. Also, avoid total capitalization, or italicizing. Write normally, and don’t put pressure on the people to see the words; they already have a low tolerance for advertisements.


They can be interesting, even mesmerizing, but they can also miss the target. When you use animations in your flash banner, the goal is to create a longer message but, at the same time, don’t forget that you are not deploying a presentation. Make it enticing to watch but don’t forget about your product or service – make it the hero, the central element. Also, don’t be nauseating; even if you draw attention, if you do it in a poor manner you’re sure to drive your audience away.

The banner ad is a great vehicle for a lot of types of products and services. Always create the banner design with similar elements of style and look that are reused during the campaign. Some start by targeting a larger audience and then they refine the ads to speak to more clearly cut niches, and some vary their banner ads frequently, but, identity is always necessary.

There are proportions that have been shown to work the best regarding the density of visuals and text in a flash banner ad – but some rules are meant to be broken. In the end, you may use the most interesting of templates, but if you don’t have a great idea it will all go to waste. Treat the banner as a means to an end and not the other way round, and always be objective about the success of each installment.

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