Things to Consider Before Choosing a Host for Your Business

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When choosing a hosting provider, there are certain very important variables that you have to take into cognizance before jumping into the bandwagon of any web hosting company. The absence of any of these variables could give your website that deadly blow and leave it at a stale level of backwardness and we know what this means to your business. So, it is very important to note that these features that I am about to bring to your knowledge is important and non negotiable and it is irrespective of the kind of website you want to host. These features include but not limited to Customer support, up-time, Server speed and control panel,

Customer Support: This is the very first thing you need to consider and you can do this by judging from your very first encounter you have with a web hosting. You need to ask yourself how responsive they are and if they give you the solutions you need from them. Any hosting company that lacks a good customer support is a no no. Back your bags and move on to another host.

Server Up-time: You also have to know their minimum up-time because you don’t want your website to experience long hours of down-time as this can affect the success of your business online. So, it’s recommended that you don’t overlook this very important variable. The minimum recommended server up-time for me is 99.5% up-time. Anything less can best be described as embarrassing.

Server speed: Another thing you need to consider is the server speed of the server used by your prospective host. This is important because a slow website is a complete turn-off for any visitor to your website. You can check this by pinging the website of the host or their IP-Address.

Control panel: It’s one thing to get a website and it’s a totally different thing for you to be able to manage your website as it is no easy task especially for a newbie. That is why you have to look out for a host that offers an easy to use control panel and possesses all the features you will need to run your website. cPanel is the most popular and arguably the most easy to use control panel software in the market today.

Price: This last variable is not mandatory but it is necessary that you know that a web hosting provider is not ripping you off. That’s why you have to compare prices of different hosting companies before making your final decision as per your choice of host.

If you can follow all these steps to the latter then you’re on your way to having the best web hosting experience.

James Afam Orji is a webmaster and the owner of Internet Visa, a Nigerian Web Hosting Company.

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