3 Main Components of Search Engine Optimisation

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Are you thinking of branching out into online business? Do you have a website that does not get any traffic? If you answer yes to these questions then you should look into search engine optimization. SEO is one of the most fundamental parts of success on the internet. By having a good SEO strategy you can rank highly on search engines like Google and Yahoo.

1. SEO is about activity

Possibly the most important component of SEO is activity. This is rated by how often new content is placed on your website or blog. Regular activity is viewed as more trustworthy as the information should be more relevant. This does not mean that you should add something new to your website every day. Quality is just as important as quantity. In fact many internet gurus state that an update once a week is enough to show consistent activity which is of high value.

New content is not the only kind of activity that counts. When a guest to your website clicks a like button, leaves a comment, retweets something or social bookmarks an article it is counted in the search engine algorithms. Google feels that the more people are interacting with content and commenting on it the more relevant is must be.

2. SEO and back links

Most people who start on the internet do not know about the importance of link building. In particular back links are very important. So what are back links exactly? These are links to your website from other websites. It is important to have quality back links as they have a great impact on your page rank. Back links can come from many different places. The easiest place to get links is through article sites like EzineArticles. These sites are trusted by search engines and having a link from them is a good sign. Forums are another good place to put links but keep in mind that it needs to be on a respectable forum.

Of course you do not want to get links from just any site. Sites with low rankings will not help you much. Additionally other websites owners may offer to place a link on for your site if you do the same. Reciprocal links do not count for much in the eyes of Google, so don’t get too many of these.

3. Internal linking is important

If back links are important then internal linking is just as important. It is fine for a search engine to know your website is there but if it cannot get around it then it will not rank you very high. To help the search engine spiders you should link your web pages to each other. This is best done through text links which should be keywords. This lets the spiders know what the page is about and how to get there.

There are three main components to good search engine optimization. They are activity, back linking and internal linking. By keeping all of these in mind you can easily get good rankings in the search engines.

Simona Rusnakova is an experienced SEO specialist in Ireland. Having worked with dozens of Irish websites she gained lots of SEO experience across a wide variety of sectors, including technology, e-commerce, education, and non-profit.

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