7 Characteristics of Professional Email Marketing

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So here are 7 characteristics which will make you a winner:

  1. Build a solid plan
    If you don’t know where you are going you are probably going to end up nowhere. So have a professional marketing plan about what you are going to send, to whom and when. I encourage you to contact your subscribers at least once a month. If you are able every fortnight or weekly are sometimes even better. Also remember that email marketing should be combined with your other marketing functions and be a matched with them.
  2. Visual consistency
    When you are sending a newsletter on a regular basis make sure that visual layout of the newsletter stays the same. Use same type of layout, same font and same text sizes. You should have fixed header and footer so that recipients know where in the newsletter they will find what they are looking for. Of course you always offer fresh content and change images to match the content. Also you should make newsletter to match your website and the visual guidelines of your company.
  3. 100 % Technical accuracy
    Always make sure that your emails are coded 100 % correct and that they will work on every email client. Nothing sends more unprofessional image than broken newsletter. One of the benefits of using a dedicated software is that they usually test their templates so you don’t have to worry about that. If you code HTML emails yourself, use a testing service to test with the most common clients. For this I recommend Litmus.
  4. Interesting content
    All other things aside, the reason why people subscribe and read you newsletter is the content. Always offer fresh and interesting content! If you can offer specials prices, sales or exclusive deals even better. Make sure that there is a reason why people subscribe. If you offer value they want to have your newsletter.
  5. Follow guidelines, laws and good manners
    Since spam has the ultimate negative effect on recipients do everything you can to avoid getting equated to spam. Follow the laws of you country (usually there is a law at least about direct digital marketing. In US there is a CAN-SPAM Act ), follow guidelines of your email software company (if you are using one as I encourage) and always follow the good manners. Make sure that users can unsubscribe if they want to, that you respect their privacy and NEVER give their email address to anybody.
  6. Measuring the efficiency
    Compared to many ways of other marketing channels in email marketing you can actually measure your success. Of course at the end of the day if you are doing business you should measure the dollars. But you can also get open ratio, click-through ratio and other various measurements to see what works. Be sure to get the tools that also give you this information.
  7. Be analytical
    Since with modern tools you can get a lot of information also take advantage of it. Be analytical about what works and what doesn’t. If click-through ratio varies highly between newsletters and recipient list do more what works and less what doesn’t work. You will start to see patterns and models which you can then duplicate to multiply your success.

And final advice, which is my rule of thumb. Always before pressing the send button once more think that is this a kind of newsletter I would like to receive myself? If you answer yes, then you can be confident that you are doing professional email marketing. If not, then you have to think again about your email marketing strategy.

John T Matthews is online marketing professional specialized in marketing automation and email marketing.
You can take the free complete tutorial to email marketing at his website at Professional Emails

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