Challenges and Solutions to Email Marketing

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Email is a major communicative form used in all businesses and used by everyone. In order to reach a broader audience base, businesses need to implement email marketing into their business strategies. Email marketing needs to become a necessary approach to inform the subscribers about the company’s services and goals. An email can be tied in with other educational efforts, but be sure it is done the correct way. Email marketing campaigns do have some challenges, but they are combated with solutions.

Combining email information with other platforms

Correlating email information with other areas can be a sticky performance. But, if conducted the right way it can be very beneficial to your company. If utilized correctly, it has the ability to connect the space between the two which delivers the content and sales. Connecting the two provides a concise understanding of how to gain the attention of the recipients through further use of email marketing. The ultimate goal of email marketing is to keep the recipients and engaged and interested in what is being conveyed. In doing so, it is necessary to produce a recommendation that is related to the original email or message. You cannot steer them off of the path into a different direction. Relate the information back to the primary email for the best results.

Advancing deliverability

Deliverability is key in receiving responses from the email recipients. Deliverability is the amount of emails delivered to the various inboxes compared to the total number of emails that were sent out. If the email marketing campaign has a low deliverability rate then it will result in a number of things. Most importantly, a low deliverability rate could result in blockage by internet service providers (ISP).

Internet service providers are keeping an eye out for such a thing. They are viewing the number of email complaints compared to the amount of current email users. Not only will the internet service providers become aware of unnecessary email marketing campaigns, but the company is also spending money that does not need to be spent. Sending emails to nonexistent users is a waste of their time and money. To combat this problem, be sure to update the various email lists and keep them as organized as possible for the best possible outcomes.

Adding and updating recipients

Overall, the process of adding and updating recipients of email lists is a difficult task. Keeping the recipients interested in the material that is being sent out is even harder. Adding new recipients to the email marketing campaign is difficult because the new recipients are not aware of the information and what is being presented. They will become disinterested in the email and will opt out of being a subscriber. Therefore, the new recipients need to be given all of the information that answers “why” they should subscribe to be on the email list. Sending multiple emails is best when trying to gain new recipients. It demonstrates the value that the company has with their new recipients and tries to respond to their needs.

Reaching a Measurable Return on Investment (ROI)

How does a company know when the recipient is interested in the information presented in an email marketing campaign? You can also improve your email marketing through web video productions. It is difficult to know when a recipient becomes engaged after the messages have been sent out. It is known immediately known when or if the recipient wants to become a customer or even receive more information. One tactic that companies can use is closed-loop marketing. Closed loop marketing follows a potential customer from the initial email to becoming a full blown customer. This way the company can keep track of the customer’s activity and interest in the subject. Closed loop marketing makes it easier for the business to recognize a potential customer.

Email as a Tool for Optimization

Sending a one email or email blast is not sufficient for a successful email marketing campaign. It can often negate the whole purpose of an email marketing campaign. To fix this type of approach or problem, lead nurturing needs to be used. Lead nurturing is a systematic way of sending a series emails to the recipients in order to inform them of the company. The emails are automated so that the company does not manually have to send emails in a timely fashion. This way they are able to send out multiple emails without the negative connotation.

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