Choosing Web Hosting to Benefit SEO Efforts

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Your choice of a web hosting provider is important for search engine optimization (SEO) of your website. A professional web hosting service can give you the benefits of reliable serving of your web pages, site availability, traffic analysis tools, a top-level domain name and flexibility in maintaining your site. What are some important considerations you should make when choosing web hosting that benefits your SEO efforts? Here are a few.

Try and avoid free hosting services. If you search for free web hosting, you will find hundreds available. While it might look like an attractive option, the strongest reason to avoid them is that they are usually hosted on one server that shares accounts with numerous other customers. This means that your pages will be served from the same IP address as all of the others. If one of the other hosting accounts is generating spam then the IP could get banned by Google meaning that all the sites sharing it will not get indexed. Finally, free hosting services may not have the tools you need to analysis the traffic coming into your site which is essential for effective SEO.

Shared hosting is the most popular option for many businesses. Like free hosting, accounts share the same server IP address. There are many advantages to shared hosting accounts. They offer features like multiple email accounts, MySql databases, greater file storage space and higher bandwidth. You can purchase a top-level domain name and you have a control panel that provides you with a variety of tools to manage your account and analyze the traffic to it. With shared hosting, you still share an IP address with other accounts so the risk of getting penalized for someone else’s misdeeds is the same. However, some shared hosting accounts provide an option to get your own IP address at an additional cost.

A hosting company should allow you to load your own web pages. In other words, you should have total autonomy when it comes to your choice of either building your own pages or using their web page builder service (if they offer one). If you want to do any serious SEO, you must be able to optimize your own HTML code if necessary. Then, you should be able to upload it to your hosting account at any time.

You should be able to purchase your own domain name. Some free services offer you a URL as a subdirectory under the hosting company’s top-level domain. This will never allow you to choose a domain name that focuses only on your company. Plus, from a marketing perspective, it shares the spotlight between your company and your hosting service.

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