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Search engines rely on the words typed in the search box to determine the result they will generate for such search query. Those words typed in the search box are called keywords. Keyword Research on the other hand is the method of finding out the words or phrases commonly used by potential customers online. Employing the best keywords for online marketing will bring optimum results in terms of traffic directed to your site or ads. If your ads or website do not contain the critical keywords that usually end up being typed in the search box, there’s little chance of consumers knowing about your site or even seeing any of your ads. And that would result to wasted investment in online marketing.

But finding the right words or phrases that will help improve your site’s traffic is not all that easy. The best way to start with this is to use keyword research tools which will give you keyword and ad group ideas which are related to your business, product or service. Such words and ad group ideas will even have performance ratings which are helpful in enhancing or improving your ads or marketing campaign.

The Need for Keyword Research Tool

By using a keyword research tool like Google AdWords, you will find keywords and ad group ideas which might not be thought of during the process. Keyword research tool is needed in order to:

  • Come up with new ad groups. Themed ad group ideas which are related to your ad or service will be discovered when you use keyword research tool.
  • Start with big groups then narrow down to smaller groups. The keyword research tool will allow you to experiment with broad keywords. The process of elimination will narrow down to specific words. You may want to start with a broad word like generators and then you can narrow it down to diesel generator or industrial generator. The more you experiment with broad words, the more keyword and ad group ideas you will find which will help you improve your campaign.
  • Identifying negative keywords. There are keywords generated by the keyword research tool which are not at all related to your ad, product or service. Those words may be classified as negative keywords and may be included in the negative keyword list. This will help your ad not showing up in unrelated search queries. Having your site viewed and clicked by customers who are not included in your target will cause you unnecessary PPC cost.
  • Keywords and ad group ideas related to your site content. The tool will allow scanning of your website or other sites related to your business in order to check through the contents and generate keywords relevant to the contents. This will give you a more accurate list of keywords and will result to more productive traffic to your site.
  • Specific language and location. The keyword research tool will also allow you to define your keyword and ad group ideas to specific location and language. If your target users are Germans in Switzerland, you can set the tool to give you results directed to those specifications.

Once you are familiar with how keywords and ad group ideas come into play in all of your online marketing activities, you will be able to formulate your own keyword list for all your business campaign needs. The keyword research tool is only an initial kick-start tool for you to get good results from your ad campaigns utilizing the right keywords.

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