How to Optimize Your Web Site For Social Media

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One of the best ways to increase your search engine rankings is to embrace social media. I realize that not everyone likes social media… and not everyone understands social media. But you should recognize that it is a powerful – and for the most part free way to increase your presence on the Internet.

There are several social and business networking platforms that you should consider. For starters:

• Twitter

• Facebook

• YouTube

• LinkedIn

You should also consider creating a blog, distributing a newsletter and creating an RSS feed as other ways to connect with your audience.

If you search for a popular company, or perhaps even your biggest competitor on Google or another search engine, what you may begin to notice is that those companies will have listings, not only for their web site (and perhaps even multiple pages on their site), but will also have listings from other sites. Some of these sites you have little control over, and may be what I consider to be private backlinks. But there are other, public backlink listings – and these are ones over which you may have some control.

For example, you might see results for YouTube videos, Twitter or Facebook postings, or links to LinkedIn. These are the kinds of links that you can easily create… and often, you can do it for little or no cost. So how do you do it? Simple.

Facebook vs. LinkedIn

First, set up accounts if you don’t already have them. You may want to choose between Facebook or LinkedIn, since there is some time involved in maintaining these accounts, since you or someone from your organization will likely have to log in every day and check the activity, and potentially respond to comments or criticisms about your company, its products or services.

You’ll need to make the call if one of these networks are better than the other. Certainly, LinkedIn is very business-oriented, while Facebook is more social… but moving more towards the business realm.


Let’s take Twitter as an example. Create an account, log in, and start Tweeting! That’s about it. I like to think of Twitter as an Internet Radio Station. There are millions upon millions of listeners… you just need to get them to tune in to your channel. How do you attract listeners? It’s really quite simple. You just need to create relevant, interesting Tweets that offer valuable information. Just like a radio station, if you don’t like what you’re hearing, you’re likely to tune it out, turn it off, or change the channel. So offer information or advice from your company to prospective customers or clients. It’s pretty hard to give away the store in 140 characters!

You may want to invest in software or services that allow you to automate the process of Tweeting your content to the Twitter world. HootSuite and SocialSprout are just a couple of popular on line services. And keep your eyes out for TweetCranker, an automated program that lets you create Tweets from existing content and format it for these services.

YouTube Videos

For YouTube, you need to create some videos… but this does not have to be a daunting or expensive task. You can create simple PowerPoint presentations and turn them into videos; create screen cam demos from an on-screen demonstration; or even basic web cam or iPhone videos where you introduce yourself, your company, your products or services. Create your YouTube account, upload them, and make sure to write catchy titles, include a description up to 6,000 characters, and list key words that are specific to your business.

You’ll want to create videos on a regular basis. The number of daily uploads is staggering, and you’ll want to get fresh content uploaded as often as possible. This will help keep your company in the search engine results, and ultimately, you’ll start to build a following on YouTube, and you can find additional ways to reach those visitors as well.

Next Steps

Once you have these in place, you can consider expanding your reach through other networks, forums and blogs. But this is certainly enough to get you started and get more listings on the first page of the search engines!

Rob Decker is a seasoned technology professional with more than 25 years experience and has helped small business and Fortune 500 companies — in a wide range of markets and industries — to reach their sales and marketing goals through the use of advertising, marketing and public relations activities designed to generate leads and sales. During the past 25 years, he has consulted with Agilent Technologies, American Express, Corporate Express, Dell, ING, Mobility Electronics, Newsweek, Rand McNally, SPSS, The Stanford University School of Medicine, StorageTek and many others.

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