Six Great SEO Tips For 2012 and Beyond

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Search engine optimisation is constantly changing with each new technology, and it is important to keep your techniques updated. This article will give you some new methods of keeping your site known to search engines and relevant to customers.

1. Use the optimal keywords. Keywords have always been an important part of SEO but now there are databases you can use to help you find the best words and phrases to use. Google AdWords Keyword Tool, for example, is a tool you can use to find out what people are searching for. Simply plugin a keyword you are considering using and the service will respond by displaying a list similar keywords and the number of searches for each. You might use the keyword “automotive parts” at first, but using AdWords or a similar service can show you a better choice. If you find out that it is better to separate the two words, or that for every search for “automotive parts” there are ten searches for “car parts.” Now that these types of tools are available, you can see what people are searching for and, by tweaking our keywords, become more relevant to those searches.

2. Concentrate on “On Page” SEO. “On Page” SEO simply means adjusting your website to be easily searchable. One part of this is using content that a search engine can see and understand. If some of your content is in a format such as .PDF, the search engine cannot see the text that is written there and, since it doesn’t know what your page is about, it will not send related traffic your way. If you are planning or are already using a format that is seldom used then it would be wise to check into whether or not it is SEO comparable. Put some research into On Page SEO so that you can learn all the different tactics; meta tags, title tags, keyword use, and linking are all things you can adjust easily on your website to make it more searchable.

3. Use mobile SEO. Presenting your website to mobile devices has been tough in the past, but with the advancements in tablet and cell phone technology is making it easier. By making your website compatible with these devices, you can invite even more traffic your way. Use small file sizes, avoid using Adobe Flash, and use the .jpg format for any pictures you use. A little time spent researching and implementing techniques for mobile SEO can pay off.

4. Try video SEO. You may have noticed that when you search for certain things on Google, videos or pictures are among listings at the top of the page. By using video SEO correctly, you can sneak to the top of the page among the video thumbnails. Video SEO simply refers to the techniques used to make sure Google finds, indexes, and returns keyword searches with your video. Once you have a video on your page, create a “video site map” and submit it to Google so they know where your videos are and what they contain. Also use a Google-friendly format, which includes .wmv, .mpg, and others. Using titles and tags in your video’s coding helps as well; the key to naming and describing your video is to, unlike website keywords, use longer specific phrases. For example, instead of using the simple title “back flip”, use something with more description, such as “guy does back flip off of boat into water”.

5. Make sure your site loads quickly. Although this is a factor in ranking for most search engines, a higher load time won’t affect your rank much, unless the wait is extreme or the search engine can’t load and index your website. Find a happy medium between a short load time and great content.

6. Update your site often. This is particularly important if you are just starting an online business. Continually posting new content to your site can help strengthen your chances of keeping your spot in search results. The more fresh and relevant your content is, the higher your rank. Trying new SEO techniques can make sure your website keeps a high-ranking instead of sliding down with each change the search engines make to their algorithms. While it’s impossible to be updated all the time, the tips listed in this article should get you closer to that goal.

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