The Art of Writing Ad Copies for Google AdWords

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Online marketing is a tricky business. Where it boasts of simplicity, some can never pass to be that easy. Any marketing activity online requires one basic and important element – keywords. They are the secret to the efficient distribution of your ads or content or site. For online advertising, keywords are important in getting the ads right in the eyes of your potential customers. By using keywords either in the headline or the body of your ads, you already have an advantage over business rivals who don’t give much attention to keywords.

The art of writing AdWords ads requires 5% skill and 95% common sense. The basic requirements on grammar, spelling and punctuation are pretty standard. Restrictions are imposed to ease the work a great deal in the long run:

    25 characters for the headline

    Your ad headline should be unique and distinct to get the attention of the potential customers. People are already flooded with information so they just skim the web pages. If your ads do not have that attention-grabbing headline, the effort will be wasted in all likelihood because the user will not even stay long on your ad page.

    35 characters per row / 4 rows per ad. One row is for the URL

    Short but concise descriptive text or phrases will always work wonders. People will know the message right away without the need for re-thinking what was just read. Lengthy block of text will tire the reader’s eyes easily so it’s always better to keep them short. Dedicate one row for the URL.

    No pictures / no colors

    Your ads should stand on their own without pictures or images or colored texts but can get the users to imagine what was being advertised. Vivid descriptive words are the key.

Writing an Effective Ad Copy

When the issue on keyword has been resolved, you can proceed to give the same attention to the following:

    Capitalize Domain names or URL. Long or short domain names are both too boring to read. Enhance the readability by using capital letters in the URL. You may capitalize the beginning of each word in the URL. This makes the URL stand out and easier to read as well.

    Use numbers. To increase your targeted click-throughs, you may include prices or other numbers in your ad copy. Product prices, discounts, special promotional offers and delivery prices included in the ad will eliminate clickers who are not seriously interested in the product. Users who see these numbers and still click on the ads are most likely going to end up as potential customers.

    Promote features and benefits. Talking to your target customers on the value and benefits the product will give them will increase their interest in the product or service being promoted. Creatively write about how the features of the products can give them the free time to go to the beach or something to that effect. You are not highlighting the features and benefits of the products but you are telling the users the benefits they (the consumers) will get out of the features of the promoted products.

Additional tips to ensure success rate with your online ads:

    Your ads and their landing pages should have a strong connection in terms of content. This is important if you want to have good conversion rate.

    Use meaningful phrases or words that highlight the strong points of the promoted product or service.

    Redefine the target position if necessary. Use more productive keywords to avoid having mispositioned ads.

    Monitor your ads in terms of productivity and conversion rates. Test new ads and remove non-performing ads.

    Remember that the quality of your advertisement will make or break your ad campaign. A well-crafted ad will certainly have marked performance than poorly-written ads.

To learn more about Google AdWords advertising, see our series of articles about the basics of Google AdWords on Outsoure Force blog.

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