Video Marketing Can Save You From Leaving Money on the Table

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There’s nothing worse than the feeling that you’ve left money on the table. Missed opportunities are disheartening, and they can kill a business.

If you want to maximize your revenue potential, here are a couple of little-known video marketing secrets that will help you get the biggest possible ROI:

Use “Video Direct Outreach” to Move from Conversations to Conversions: Most folks assume video needs to be highly produced or fancy to be effective. The truth is that video engagement is more about making a personal connection. Video is meant to be an interactive, two-way conversation. Those video conversations build relationships, which eventually become conversions, or sales.

My friend and colleague Lissa Boles, aka “The Soul Mapper,” put herself on the map with a brilliant video direct outreach strategy that built a strong connection with her followers. She used live webcasting to engage and interact with her peeps. Lissa’s livecasts quickly grew in popularity, quadrupling her list in a matter of months.

It wasn’t the technology, or even the quality of the video webcasts that made it magic for Lissa. It was the connection she built and the audience engagement she created with her personal and authentic videos.

Use Video AFTER the Sale: This is where most of us drop the ball. You’ve made the sale. Whoopie! But do you want a one-night stand or a customer for life? (Think about the lifetime value of a customer!) By connecting with your clients with video after they’ve purchased, you can keep them engaged and involved with you and your services. And by keeping them engaged, you’re reducing or eliminating refunds and unhappy customers!

What’s even more important is that engaged customers will stay with you and be much more open to additional offers or upsells!

Video is a fantastic client-retention tool! Just ask my friend and video marketing client Nancy Marmolejo, who was able to make additional sales two weeks after her program had started by engaging her peeps with informal (but personal) video emails.

Nancy was also able to keep her program participants engaged and involved by sending quick video updates about the weekly webinars. Think about it. What’s more effective and compelling?

An email saying “This week’s webinar replay is available” -or-

A personal video email sharing highlights of the webinar and telling students exactly what they missed.

Oh, and did I mention that Nancy’s video strategies produced a 25% increase in sales and revenue? That’s real ROI!

The “selling” doesn’t end after the sale. Cement your relationships and create lifetime customers by connecting and engaging with video. Not necessarily flashy, splashy video – just personal touches that build trust and likability. Do that and you’ll never leave money on the table again!

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