2 Ways to Creating Website With Your Own Domain Name

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Want to create a website that belongs solely to you? Here are two ways to go about creating your own website with your own domain name and web hosting.

1. Get Web Hosting Plan and Domain Name from Same Company

After you’ve bought the hosting plan, you would have a certain amount of web space (e.g. 10GB) allotted to you as your online storefront. If you get both your web space and domain name from the same hosting company, your domain name will connect to your web space automatically. Once connected, you can start creating your website to whatever you want it to look like.

2. Get Web Hosting Plan from Company A and Register Domain Name with Company B

If you buy web space from company A, but register a domain name with company B, then you need to find out the name servers (usually come in pairs) of your web hosting server with company A, and log into your domain account with company B and type in the name servers.

For example, let’s say the name servers of the hosting server are:

— ns101.companyA.com

— ns102.companyA.com

Now, go into your domain name account and look for the domain name server (DNS) control settings. You should see at least 2 DNS fields provided where they’ll normally show a pair of default name servers. Change them to the name servers of your web hosting provider.

You should wait at least 48 hours for the connection to completely propagate. Once your domain and web space are connected, you can start creating your website.

Which Option Do You Prefer, 1 or 2?

Many people prefer option 2 to 1, including me, despite that option 1 appears relatively more convenient to work with. Why?

Option 1 can help you save more money. For example, a domain registrar may charge you $10 per year for a domain name registration whereas a web host may charge you $20 or more per year for registering a domain with them.

For those who want to save the trouble of meddling with the DNS settings, they’ll probably prefer option 1. But option 2 can help you save some good cost over the long haul as your business grows and you need to get more domain names to build more websites.

Cost is the major decision factor here.

In fact, option 2 doesn’t appear as troublesome as you may think it is because it’s actually super easy to perform domain linking between 2 different companies as demonstrated above. We call it “pointing domain name to 3rd party web server”. It takes you less than 5 minutes to get the domain pointing done, and you save half the cost just like that. I don’t see the trouble, do you?

Soon Chai shows you the best tips for creating domain names so that you can create a professional and catchy name for your business to help you generate more website traffic for free. He also shares the full step-by-step details on pointing domain name to a hosting server to help you perform domain pointing with absolute ease and more importantly, keep your business running cost low.

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