4 Reasons Why You Need Website Hosting

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Today’s world is becoming increasingly online. People logging into their social media accounts, sending out emails, watching videos or live streaming or chatting with friends all over the world have become a normal part of life. Likewise, there is also a huge following of people who put up their own websites as they blog about almost anything under the sun. And as the resources for putting up a website have become more accessible because of technology, even more people follow suit and choose to put up their own websites.

Now if you are planning on having your own website, why do you need to get a website host? The reason is simple. Your website will not be accessible in the World Wide Web if you don’t have website hosting. It’s basically where your website’s files are located and can be accessed by your visitors. If you are still not keen on getting a host, here are four reasons why you need one:

1. A website is basically a series of web pages that includes text, images, videos, and games, or whatever type of content you choose to put there. In order for your website to be available online, you will need web hosting. A web host is a service provider that connects your computers to the Internet. It is much like renting a space online where all your content will be stored. When creating a website, your first step will be to choose your own domain name which is the actual name or address of your website (for example, [http://www.mywebsite.com]). What your domain name does is point to your web host, much like your house number points to the actual location of your house. Without a web host, your site will not be accessible on the Internet.

2. Having a service provider to host your website takes away from you the headache of managing your own server. Of course this won’t be much of a problem if you’re with a big company with enough budget to hire IT people to handle your hosting needs.

3. Having your own website complete with your own domain name is a more professional approach compared to just building your site with free host providers like Blogger or WordPress.com. More than that, it ensures you that you have control of your content and your database data so long as you have access to your web host. This is important if you plan on moving to a different host in the future.

4. Web hosting also removes the limit on what you can do or put in your website, unlike free web hosts (although bandwidth intensive features like video streaming come at a premium). This enables you to provide richer and more varied content to your visitors.

There are several hosting options to choose from, each package offering a different set of features, uses, benefits and costs. Likewise, there are specific sites in which you can get your domain name, but there are also web hosting providers that offer both for a discounted price. The key is to really determine the type of service that you are after at the same time offering you the best value.

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