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iPage is one of the safest web hosting companies to hit the market giving people the opportunity to earn by designing, maintaining and host web pages. Serving over 1,000,000 websites, the company is a leader in its trade. According to their official website, even individuals without experience can fully take to advantage their tools and services provided.

The difference

What makes iPage stand out from other web hosting websites? People at iPage care about the customer experience and user interfaces. Every month, the company launches something new to make it easier for users to benefit more. Survey’s and user tests are conducted to help identify the “pain points” of users thus making it easier to address and solve them. Some other factors that make iPage stand out are:

• Security – iPage provides a free account-specific malware and spam scanning system, domain verification, and a security badge for your site. Aside from this, you are able to scan you account one every year.

• Support – In less than a 2 minute response time, the company offers 24/7 customer support via chat, phone, or email.

• Scalability – The Company provides a wide variety of services, applications and products that will allow you to enhance your online presence, therefore improving productivity. These offers in Microsoft exchange, different levels of shopping carts and more.

• Google Control Panel Integrated – As stated on their website, the company has worked with Google to integrate the “Google Tools for Websites” into the hosting control panel provided. With this tool, you will have single point access for Adwords, your sitemap, sites search and more.

• Affiliate payout system – The iPage affiliate program allows you to earn $105.00 for each new customer you invite.

• Eco-friendly – Through the use of renewable energy credits, iPage is able to host websites that are 100% powered by wind energy, which means customers have eco-friendly “Green” websites.

Prices and Guarantees

Advertised on their website, for as low as $3.50 a month, you can avail all these tools and services iPage has to offer. Initial promotional pricing is also available for $2.95 for the first term. Listed below are the prices for each term.

• 3 years term – $6.95 a month the buyer is charged $250.20 at time of purchase
• 2 years team – $7.95 a month, the buyer is charged $190.80 at time of purchase
• 1 year term – $8.95 a month the buyer is charged $107.40 at time of purchase

iPage claims to provide a full refund if requested with the first 30 days of a term. After 30 days the refund based on the amount of services used.

Jennifer White is an online entrepreneur and mother of 2 wonderful children -Kristine and James. She recommends that if you’re looking for information about safe webhosting, click here!

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