The Email Hosting Reseller Business

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To know what an email hosting reseller is, the term reseller must first be defined. A reseller is an entity, whether an individual or a company, that buys goods or services not for its own consumption or use, but for the purpose of selling it to others. In other words, a reseller is just another term for a retailer. A grocery store is a reseller, buying several products from many wholesalers and reselling it to end users or consumers at retail price. Resellers also do this in the internet, retailing software, ebooks, and a myriad other products online. The reseller is a middle man. Reselling is a business in itself, selling a product at a higher price to make a profit.

With the advent and popularity of the internet, many businesses are now conducting transactions online, and there is a consequent growing demand for more and more websites. These websites cater to personal and business needs, and as long as there is a need for websites, there will be a need for web hosting providers and services. Many of these web hosting services are wholesalers, but as in the real world, there are also retailers in cyberspace.

Email hosting reseller entrepreneurs are one such retailer, not of products but of services. They sell web hosting services to small consumers, getting them from wholesalers in bulk and at a low cost, and passing them to end users at a marked-up rate. This is an easy and inexpensive way of making business. It does not need the large capital required to acquire large servers or operate them; it does not require highly specific technical knowledge either. Again, the email hosting reseller is a middle man. All he has to do is to pass on what he has bought from the wholesaler.

However, the email hosting reseller needs to offer customer support, and logic dictates that his provider must be efficient and offer the best services. Otherwise, the email hosting reseller will lose his customers quickly due to poor service. It is thus good to have a basic working knowledge of the products and services that he offers. And importantly also, he must have good open communication with the wholesale service provider.

If one wants to have this kind of reselling business, know the ropes first. First of all and most importantly, be interested in computers, in the internet, in sitting long hours in front of a screen, and in the business itself. Never do anything, even if it is for money, which is not an interest or a passion. If the business is a personal passion, then it becomes play, not work. Playing, or enjoying the job, makes it easy to do. It makes the job fun, and the worker becomes effective and efficient at it, never counting the hours.

Secondly, one must know the technicalities involved in the business. Know how to navigate through the requirements of the business, including advertising, talking with other people, web management, the basic workings of email hosting, and the like.

Next is exposure to the work. He must devote hours and hours to the work. This is probably one of the most important aspects. There is no substitute for hard work. All this, and probably nothing else, is what is needed to become an email hosting reseller.

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