5 Good Reasons Why to Advertise on Twitter

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In a competitive world of today, every company looks to attract new customers and build their clientele. For this purpose advertising can be said as the best medium. Companies and brands have continually exploited new and unique forms of advertisement, right from conventional newspapers, radios and televisions to the latest social media. Whatever maybe the form, advertisements are aimed to attract buyers, thus ensuring a profitable growth.

Social media advertising has caught the fancy of many companies are now allocating separate budgets to this form of marketing Apart from Facebook, another very powerful medium of advertising is the micro blogging site, Twitter. Many people do not realize its potential and do not advertise here, but here are some very fascinating, yet compelling reasons for advertising on Twitter-

1. Market Research Tool

Twitter is an excellent tool to research the target market/ audience. Once the company is able to identify its target audience, the advertisements can be fine tuned accordingly. Since the followers would be those interested in the company, the advertising campaign can be focused accordingly, thus saving time and efforts.

2. Brand Awareness

Today a sizeable proportion of consumers’ access Twitter this is a good chance to promote products and services and create brand awareness. As more people access Twitter, there is a better chance to expose the service/ product to potential customers.

3. Personal Contact

Advertising on —- this platform provides a chance to connect with the followers on a personal one-on-one. Due to personal interaction, the advertisements on Twitter have a greater effect on the consumer. Marketers are able to make a direct contact with customers, thus building on a personal relationship.

4. Increase in Traffic

When information, links and tidbits are shared over here, it increases traffic and links back to the original website. This method has proven to be extremely useful, as there are more clicks on the product/ service website, thus an increase in potential customers

5. Being relevant and Up to date

One of the best advantages of Twitter advertising is the fact that they are real time updates i.e. updates about what is happening now, at present. Companies can post pictures of an ongoing event or upload videos, these strategies attract more customers as they watch live feed from Twitter. By keeping up to date, companies can achieve a cutting edge in their field.

Twitter is a unique form of advertising as it wraps the entire campaign in mere 140 characters, yet manages to let marketers engage with customers directly. Ads appear within the content and are even integrated into user experience. The effect of Twitter marketing is impactful, when done in the right manner, with the right technique. Too much advertising, or spamming the account does not attract customers, instead has a negative effect.

Thus internet marketing in Vancouver should be relevant and engage the audience in a manner that it results in a profitable growth of the company.

Chesh Pattinson is the author of various articles and currently working with Ismoip. Ismoip offers social media management, strategy consulting and Internet Marketing Vancouver for all types of business and brands.

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