Are Social Media of Any Use for B2B Businesses?

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If you are a B2B business then social media is a marketing tool that you may have never considered. Most B2B businesses look at social media as a way for B2C businesses to get customers. While this is true B2B businesses have had a lot of success when they use social media. Of course it is important to know how to use the media and why it is so good for B2B marketing.

What is Social media?

The first step is finding out about social media and identifying which ones will work for you. Social media is what sites like Facebook and Twitter are called. These websites are a way for people to connect without having to physically be with the other person. Consumer driven businesses often use these websites in an effort to sell their products and build up a fan or consumer base. These websites are free to use and there are many strategies that B2B businesses can use to help increase their traffic and profits.

What is SEO?

When you look at social you should know a bit about SEO. SEO is the way that almost all websites get their traffic. By implementing a good search engine optimization plan your website can appear on the first pages of a search engine. This is ideal for any businesses including B2B businesses. When you appear on the first pages people looking to partner with you will feel you are more trustworthy and possibly better than sites that appear later. Social can help your SEO plan as they provide a quality link to your website and they will get you traffic from people on the site.

How social media can help B2B businesses

Social is a phenomenon that any business should get into. This media has millions of users so the possibility of finding someone to partner with you is highly possible. Of course it is not only the possible partners that B2B businesses should look out for with social media.

· Choose the site you feel will help you the most. This is very important for any marketer. B2B businesses may not have the same success as B2C on Facebook because of the type of members there are. However, social media like LinkedIn is ideal for B2B as it is use primarily by businesses and businesses people.

· Page ranks are also affected by how social is used. You have to keep in mind that your rank can increase or decrease when you use these sites. If you are going to continually push your services then you might lower your rank as this can be viewed as spam.

· Market insight is another area that social can help with. Many businesses pay to have market insight presented to them but social media allows you to see what people are looking for and how they want services presented.

Social is a marketing tool that many B2B businesses do not use. These tools can help get you more business, find new business partners and get an insight into the market you are in.

Simona Rusnakova is an experienced SEO specialist in Ireland. Having worked with dozens of Irish websites she gained lots of SEO experience across a wide variety of sectors, including technology, e-commerce, education, and non-profit.

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