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After you’ve established the right keywords that are low in competition and high in search results, now it’s time to optimize and blog keywords that are relevant to your website niche. By optimizing I mean using the keywords in an SEO format that will be recognized easily by search engines. How do we do this?

Write keyword targeted content about your targeted keyword. It’s really that simple.

– The article you write about has to show some kind of relevancy towards your website and the article has to make sense when it’s blended with your keyword.

– If you don’t consider yourself good at writing don’t hesitate to find article marketing tips or even outsource your work to others so they can write it for you. Outsourcing however, does cost a fee depending on what providers you choose.

– When you blog keywords that you’ve strategically targeted, your chances for appearing organically on Google search results will increase

After your keyword targeted content has been created it’s always best to apply basic writing skills like editing and revising to ensure that everything remains and appears professional, this is the blood of your business.

Basic Article Writing Guidelines

– It’s always good to ensure that your articles are straight and to the point, most of the time people don’t like to listen to a bunch of rambling

– Make sure the title is relevant to what the actual article is about, people may consider the article misleading if it’s not what they clicked for which can create a high turnover rate

– When you blog keywords make sure that the keyword you have targeted is not obvious and written after each sentence. This gives off the impression that your article isn’t original, which makes you seem unprofessional.

When your article is completed you submit the article into your website as a post if you have a blog formatted website. There are website tutorials you can check out that can help you with this if you have WordPress installed. Once the article has been submitted into your website, your keyword targeted content is now floating in an online digital ocean. It won’t appear immediately on Google’s first page, however by applying other internet marketing methods and continuing to blog keywords that are relevant to your website goals you will appear a lot quicker in the eyes of Google.

The next stage to advance your keywords to the next level is to build proper backlinks which takes other people towards your site from clicking a link that’s displayed on another site.

Here is a big tip for you to remember, you’re topic or keyword has to BE RELEVANT to the eye’s of the public. Google will only put websites that are relevant on the first page because their overall goal is to attract more visitors through advertisement. They only get more visitors if those visitors find what they are looking for the first time, so blog keywords that are highly searched and create a distinct feel for that keyword when you write your articles. If you need help find article marketing tips to increase your search engine rankings.

To properly blog keywords you also have to understand which keywords to blog. Differentiating between profitable keywords and research keywords is a fundamental requirement in creating you more conversions and reducing bounce rates. Learn more about a viral keyword strategy to blog keywords that are profitable

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