Creative Video Creation Techniques Part 1

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These posts will be a series that will discuss various techniques for making creative videos. Most of the methodologies are based on the SIT technique.

Videos are created to be seen. That’s why we try and come up with funny, moving, exciting, interesting videos. If your video is not engaging people simply will move onto something else. However, it can take hours of brainstorming and bouncing ideas off of one another to get even a halfway decent idea. Is there an easier way to come up with creative video ideas?

Instead of trying to come up with creative ideas in a bubble, it is often easier to use a framework for what you are trying to do. The framework that will be expanded on today is the “Absurd Alternative”.

The first thing you need to do is define your products message. After that, choose a benefit your product brings to the table. Next, figure out alternative ways you could attain that benefit. Finally, choose an alternative that is absurd.

A good example of how this is done is the following campaign by Garnier Fructis Anti-Dandruff.

Garnier’s dandruff shampoo is obviously meant to treat or cure dandruff. Garnier then came up with a list of other ways to “treat” dandruff and came up with having a monkey eating your dandruff would be absurd and funny.

Another example of this Framework is this Tami 4 ad (in Hebrew). Tami 4 is a company that sells water coolers for both homes and businesses. One of the benefits of having the system is that you don’t have to lug home a six pack of water. In these ads, you can see they are trying to come up with an absurd alternatives to carrying the water.

They came up with shooting water from a cannon into their house, attaching water to the ceiling of their house so they wouldn’t have to lift jugs (This commercial is also meant to set them apart from other water systems that require jugs) and in a 3rd commercial the customer comes up with a “Unmanned Air Vehicle” for lifting the water jugs up to his apartment

As you can see, Tami 4 kept this framework throughout their entire advertising campaign to help drive home their point about the convenience of their system. The beauty of the “absurd alternative” framework is its fairly easy to implement even for low budget videos. Simply figure out what your company does, figure out a silly way to attain the same goal and presto! You are video ready!

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