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Since the establishment of YouTube by 3 employees from PayPal, it literally has become the biggest platform to post videos about almost everything. While it appears to be primarily about entertainment and gossip, its potential as an advertising platform for business is unparalleled.

So how can YouTube help businesses? Firstly, post a video on YouTube, and its likely that you will receive views of your business advert constantly. There are other aspects of you or your business that can be made public when it comes to advertising the business

a. You can introduce yourself and put a face to the business that you own

b. You can advertise the services provided – even offline businesses.

c. Talk about particular aspects of your business in great detail, and portray yourself as an expert.

d. Place slide presentations and educational material if your business is involved in education.

e. Ask the community a question and create a poll

f. Inform consumers of any special offers you may have (in addition to telling them about it in your newsletters)

There are many more, and it gets easier to understand the potential of YouTube the more you use it. But while posting a video or two can be helpful, what you need is targeted traffic. This means you would not want any random John Doe to visit your business site – you want potential buyers.

How can this be achieved?

One of the best ways is to have the name of your business in the YouTube channel you set up. In other words, your channel needs to reflect your brand. Essentially all the videos that you post should have a word or two, or a tag with the name of your business in it.

It is also possible to get video testimonials from your current customers – this will add a significant trust factor to your business. However, if you are just starting out and have no customers yet, then it is possible to visit sites like to get a gig for a video testimonial for $5. Easy!

Another way to drive traffic to your site using YouTube is the place annotations on your video. What this means is placing links on the video as it plays, or having a call-to-action set up at the end of your video. Make sure you place your company information and contact details in or below the video.

There is a lot more that can be achieved through YouTube – this only covers a few points. Making good use of this amazing service can drive high amount of traffic to your site and increase your customer list.

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