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Every day Google makes three billion different searches. For any business looking to market themselves online, getting exposure through the biggest chunk of those searches possible should be the number one priority. Search engine optimisation is one way to ensure your website is doing its best to represent you and draw in an audience, but it’s not the only thing that you can be doing to attract more users to your site.

Google AdWords is the perfect way to grow your business and quickly increase site traffic. If you have ever seen the sponsored links at the top of the page when you’ve made a search, AdWords has left an impression on you. It’s an incredibly powerful service and, the best bit is, you only pay for it when it works for you.

How does AdWords target my customers?

AdWords is a form of targeted marketing that works by showing your ad to users that search for the appropriate key words and phrases. You create an ad and research the commonly searched keywords that are relevant to your audience and your audience only – just like you would for SEO. When you know what keywords work best, AdWords will set it up so your advertisement will be shown at the top of the page when people use these terms in their search.

What does it cost?

Unlike traditional forms of advertising like radio and television where you have no control over who sees your ad after you put it out there, you only need to pay for AdWords when it works for you. You set the maximum amount you want to pay per click and that’s what you’ll pay when somebody clicks the ad through to your page. The system works like an auction where the website with the highest ‘bid’ in for an ad click will usually get the space, but the only cost comes after an impression is actually made.

How do I know that AdWords is working?

AdWords gives you the tools to see how it is working for you. Look through traffic statistics, how long people spend on your page and what keywords are most relevant so that you can easily make changes to your campaign and avoid spending on placing ads with ineffective keywords. You have complete control over your return on investment if you put the effort in to make AdWords work for you.

Grow your business quickly and effectively online using Google AdWords marketing. Drive more traffic to your site and expand your client base through this affordable and efficient online marketing tool.

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