Google SEO Essential Tips for a WordPress Startup Website

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1. Choose whether you want the www on your domain name or not. It’s OK, Google doesn’t mind.

2. Verify your site on Google using Webmaster Tools and enable email forwarding so they can let you know if anything is wrong. Set up Google Analytics. Submit a sitemap to Google.

3. Each of your pages/posts should have a strong title which will be used by the search engines plus a meta description which will be shown as the snippet of info under the title on Google.

4. Check that you can see your site at the top of Google when you put in your company name. You also want to see your sub pages. People may find you first from your sub pages so make sure it is obvious to the customer where they are on the site and easy for them to find what they want.

5. Put a call to action on each page. Remember to say ‘comment on’ or ‘contact us on’ rather than just ‘comment’ or ‘contact’. Using verbs or action phrases has been shown to be significantly more persuasive in research in an report.

6. Use keywords in your anchor text and set up some nice internal links between your pages.

7. Be selective with your social media. Twitter is basically a search engine so before joining do some research on your target audience and your chosen topic to see what is hot. Build up traffic by joining communities – Pinterest is a big one at the moment. it is important to have conversations. Do not overtly push your brand as this is bad etiquette.

8. If you use WordPress add the Social Media plugin which makes it simple to add all those lovely social media icons to your site. There is also a plugin to let you share your content on Facebook.

9. Build your back-link strategy using articles, reviews, comments, eBooks, forums, newsletters and competitions. And anything else you can think of. Start with the EzineArticles plugin! If you are a startup sit down and collate all your email addresses. You could get up to 300 before you know it. Be brave – use everyone you have ever known who might be in your target audience of know someone who is.

10. One in 3 searches on Google comes from Facebook according to a podcast by Site Visibility Spend time creating your business pages. If you are part of your brand, do a search for your name on Google and make sure you are top and looking good. Improve your profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn.

11. It’s time to think of responsive design. Check you are happy with how your site looks on different platforms. Many people surf on smartphones these days. If you use WordPress you may find the paid plugin ‘mobile’ useful.

12. Try the WordPress Launch Effect App, a free one page theme for setting up a viral campaign in minutes.

13. Use a plugin such as the All in one SEO pack for WordPress. Make sure your page / post title is before your site title above the browser window e.g. Usability | Halcyon Associates. The code for this is in header.php and the default has the site name first.

For more tips on WordPress and help to quickly build a website, go to Halcyon Associates. We are a group of freelancers based in Kent, UK. We want to look after your website so you have time to look after your business. If you don’t know where to start with getting online, get in touch and we will get straight back to you with free advice.

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