How to Create a PPC Ad in Microsoft AdCenter

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Creating a successful PPC campaign is one tool that will pay long term dividends to your online marketing. Learning to write effective PPC ads is not difficult and with practice and some trial and error you can become quite good and see long term results.

In doing any type of effective PPC advertising keyword research is essential. Keyword research is a practice you need to do continually. Once you have found an appropriate keyword phrase, keyword phrases are more effective than just a keyword, go to either Google AdWords or Microsoft Adcenter. There are more PPC options but these are two of the most popular.

I use Microsoft AdCenter most often and I am more familiar with this service. It is also a way to start a PPC campaign on a more limited budget. Once you are login in to Adcenter you need to Create a Campaign. We will call is ABC Campaign. Once you create your campaign it is time to set up an Ad Group. This is where you set up a group centered around your keyword phrase that is the base of your PPC Ad. Lets use the keyword phrase Earn Money Online.

Now it is time to set up Your Ad. Once you click on Create Ad Group you will be taken to a form to set up your ad. Fill in the form with the Name you are giving your ad group which for our example Make Money Online. Now it is time to create your actual ad. There are several choices to language and countries to target then you get to the type of ad either text or wap mobile phone ad. We will use text ad.

The next box is the title of you ad, note there is a limit of 25 characters and this includes spaces, we are using Earn Money Online which is less than 25 characters. in the next section you type in the actual ad, limit is 71 characters, using your keywords is best. In our example of ad title Make Money Online you might use the following for an ad. Make Money on the Internet Make Money Online Fast Work at Home.

Notice I repeated part of the title or Main keyword phrase in the ad and worked other keywords the center around the Title giving a little information to create a sense of curiosity to get the reader to click the ad and go to my targeted website. The next box is for you to put in your web address as you want it to appear in you ad. The nest space is for the targeted website you want to display when someone clicks on your ad.

Now at the bottom of the page you will find a box to put in your keywords. If you have effectively researched you main keyword you should have several hundred keywords to choose from so choose 5 to 10 good keywords and copy them into your keyword box on your ad set up page and I suggest you choose then to be exact phrase in the choice and then save your ad.

At this point you will go to a page where you put in your bid for how much you want to pay for your clicks the least amount you can choose is $0.05 or 5 cents. You can adjust this later if you want to raise or lower your bid. Once you save this page then your ad is live on the Microsoft Adcenter system. To reap the benefits of Adcenter will take some time and the more ads you place the more your campaigns will be viewed brining more traffic.

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