How To Improve Your E-Mail Open Rates In Two Simple Ways

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As a business owner it is important to explore all fields of marketing which may help you develop new customers and leads. Also of importance is the implementation of a marketing strategy which will help you retain current customers and convert them further and in this digital age, there are a number of key marketing areas of which you truly cannot afford to ignore.

E-mail marketing is one such form in question and, has become in recent years, an essential part of any marketing strategy according to eMarketer, who conducted a test towards the back end of 2011 which concluded that 97% of small businesses utilize e-mail marketing as part of their wider strategy.

If you have a current e-mail marketing campaign which isn’t performing to its full potential or are looking for tips on how to create solid e-mail marketing campaign then this article surrounding how to improve e-mail open rates will be perfect for you.

Make A Great First Impression

If you go ahead and open up your e-mail inbox right now, I can guarantee that the main things that you will see are the dates, subject and title of each e-mail. It is the title and subject of your e-mails that you need to get right first time in order to create a great first impression.

Now, every single e-mail is different based on exactly what point you are trying to get across or what you are trying to sell, however there are a couple of key points you can use to aid in the end user opening your e-mail:

– Utilize an e-mail address which uses a real name. “” looks far better than “”.

– Write the e-mail based on hierarchy. E-mails from a company director, CEO, CFO or president are far better than e-mails from a desk clerk for example.

In terms of your subject line this will differ based on what you are trying to say. There are a few things you should keep in mind however, which include:

– Localize your subject. Got an e-mail list from people in New York, US? Include ‘New York’ in the subject. Got an e-mail list of people based in London, UK? Include the keyword ‘London’.

– Create a unique subject line for each new e-mail batch you send out. If your e-mail subject gets repetitive, this will decrease your open rates.

– Avoid salesy words. ‘limited offer’, ‘free’ and ‘reminder’ are key turn offs commonly found in e-mail subject lines.

Time Your E-mails Effectively

If you work within a business which offers seasonal products then it make sense to send out your e-mails when your product will be in the highest demand and even if you don’t offer seasonal products / services, timing is still very important.

Avoid ever sending out e-mails which are way out of time zones. An e-mail received to somebody in the UK at 3 a.m. for example will often be entirely overlooked as compared to being sent during the day. Sending e-mails at lunch time, breakfast time or tea time is good practice to try and reach the highest number of eyes as physically possible.


All in all e-mail marketing is an incredibly effective marketing practice and easily manageable form of marketing for any business. With the above two tips, hopefully you will be able to take your e-mail marketing campaign to the next level and reach out to even more potential leads.

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