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Today’s customer is a tech-savvy individual who wants to be entertained. Companies must have engaging websites and social media campaigns. Videos are a great way to engage those individuals. Short, entertaining videos draw individuals to your site, and more traffic means more awareness of your product.

Online Involvement

There are over 2 billion people connected to the internet, and that number is growing each day. That’s 2 billion potential customers, but how does a company draw business from so many people? With cell phones, iPads, iPods, e-readers, computers and so many other gadgets that connect to the internet, social media is an excellent way to connect to these individuals. But not just any social media campaign is effective. Internet users want to be entertained and video, however brief, is an excellent escape.

Videos can be short, informational advertising that draws a customer to your web site. A professionally produced video has the potential to reach millions of people in a very short amount of time. If the video is attractive, customers will be more likely to share the video. Through sharing, even more traffic is driven to your web site engaging more of those 2 billion internet users.

There are more than 490 million users on YouTube every month generating over 92 billion page views per month. This treasury of users is waiting to be tapped. Videos draw individuals to you and help you convert them to customers.

Why Videos?

Videos are a great visual medium and offer a surplus of information in a beautiful format. People want quick sound bites of information, and videos are a perfect way to give customers what they want. However, you must connect your customers to your videos. Social media can help with that.

Social media status updates and tweets with links to your professionally designed video work well, but there are other ways to drive traffic. Offering contests through social media draws interest and engages users. Everyone loves a contest, and hosting a contest on your website is a great way to garner attention.

Another way to boost engagement is quick responses to posts or retweets to your company. Customers want to hear from you, so give them what they want. If they contact you through your social media, reply quickly. This shows you are customer service oriented and creates loyalty with new and current customers.

Visually stimulating e-blasts that are quick reads are another great way to connect with your customers. This gray mail often gets disregarded, but if you can create a visually stimulating e-blast that draws a customer to read, they are more likely to visit your site. Remember, internet users are bombarded with unwanted email and subscribed mail, so you have to make your email-blasts stand out. A video can help make your emails interesting.

A professionally produced video will drive users to your site and help keep them entertained and informed. Professional video production companies can create a striking video to draw more traffic to your site for less than you may imagine. Engage your current and future customers with inventive videos and creative social media interaction and watch your business thrive.

Danny Gonzales is the owner of Optimum Productions, an Atlanta video production company. Founded in 2007, Optimum Productions is a full service Atlanta video production company which has produced a wide variety of creative, compelling content, including corporate overviews, training videos, commercials, viral videos, and many more. Learn more at

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