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Animated videos have been around us since a long time now. Earlier they were mostly made to entertain kids. So popular are they even today that some of the cartoon characters, created several decades ago, are still a huge hit amongst the children. With the several new uses they are being subjected to in recent years their popularity has risen further. Now they are also being used to entertain and inform a business’ clients.

An animated video is fast becoming the general way of communicating a business message, be it relates to advertising a product or showing its demonstration. These videos, like children’s, also consist of cartoon characters. But these characters are made suiting the requirements of a business and its present and prospective clients.

Animated videos use character animation, where a character is associated with the product which is to be promoted. The features of such characters are:

1. Watching them is fun; they convey the message without even making the viewers feel the pressure of getting informed.

2. They comfortably align in an animated short video. This makes them become an inherent entity of a video, which only means that they gel well in the video and are not merely put-in to do a make-shift arrangement.

3. They are similar to videos made for children in terms of attaining the shape of a story.

4. Since the message is conveyed through them, they are always the focal point of a video.

5. They are always blessed with a certain trait to make viewers engaged to them throughout the time a video is played. Having a trait also excite viewers to know the reaction of the character in different situations.

6. They tend to behave like any other real actor and thus generate special feelings in viewers. This makes the video go viral when uploaded on a networking website.

7. They give new identity to a business. In other words, they create a functional relationship with the viewers.

8. They make viewers remember them easily. This, in long run, makes viewers remember and associate the characters with the business.

9. They, when used with animated info-graphic, make the movement of large, complex data easier.

An animated short video can highlight as well as non highlight the image and portrayal of anything. This gives them an edge over all other mediums meant to promote and advertise a product. An animated video makes a website interesting and eye-catching. They make traffic to a website move faster. With moving images, graphics and music imbedded into them they make a website come alive. Having them is to become a talk of your clients.

Broadcast2world is a Video Production Company, specializing in marketing video and animated short video, which supports a wide range of clients, from global brands to small businesses. We have developed over 500 animated videos for businesses across the world to make them realize their corporate advertising, promotional and marketing requirements.

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