SEO: Common Mistakes

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There are some common SEO mistakes that are made. These mistakes can cause lower search results for websites which in turn reflects negatively on your business.

Too Many Keywords

Keywords are an essential component of producing website content. Choosing the right keywords basically means that you should have a good understanding of your target audience and what their needs are. Using too many keywords is possibly the worst mistake that you can make. Overloading the content of the web page with keywords or phrases looks like spam to Google. There are some SEOs that use many keywords as a ruse to fool us into believing that their page has relevance. It makes the text hard to read and there is no sentence structure or coherency.

Using Titles That Do Not Work

Choose titles for articles that will work. When searching for a website, your primary objective should be to get it on the first page of a Google search. Try to use titles that are specific, catchy and captures the interest of users.

Duplicate Content

Using duplicate content when building a web page is a definite no-no! It can prevent your website from being found in search engines. Make a concerted effort to rewrite the content rather than using it on another site. Content has to be unique, well written and above all, original.

Bad Design

Bad search engine optimization design is quite common especially when web developers use certain techniques that will lead to high page rankings. Use short paragraphs if your article is long. The paragraphs should also sub-headings with relevant keywords. Try not to clutter the page with too many links and try to only use links that are related to the topic. Some web pages often use too many advertisements and in the end the page looks a complete mess. Advertisements should be positioned strategically so that the page is user-friendly.

Not Creating BackLinks

It is critical that backlinks are created if you want your website to have high rankings in the search engine listings. They are essentially links that are directed to the website. Backlinks are vital for SEO because more credit is given to websites with high quality backlinks. The more backlinks that your website has is clear indication of its popularity.

Neglecting Your Website

Not updating your website regularly with fresh content or forgetting to pay attention to it will cause it to plummet to lower search engines ranking pages. Would you want your website to slip to page two or three when it was previously ranked on page one? Updating your website reflects a professional image and is also important for search engine optimization.

Technical Errors

Website owners often encounter technical errors such as 404 errors, or crawl errors. Errors that are not corrected will affect your website’s positioning on the search engine results page. Doing regular error checks is important to avoid these types of problems and to ensure that your website is functional and operational at all times.

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