Strategic Planning for Your Search Engine Marketing Needs

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Search engine marketing has really been a major factor in business advertising. The internet has changed the way we do business and how we communicate for possible negotiations or joint ventures. It gave all kinds of businesses the opportunity to target general audiences. And also, it allowed businesses to identify more specific demographics for their target market.

The advent of internet provided equal competition to small, medium, and large companies. This is the reason why internet marketing was a boom in the advertising world. It made possible for everyone to stand out and be taken note of. Therefore, having a search engine marketing strategy is a great way to make your business more popular and exposed.

But before you take the huge step, it is important to understand first the technology behind it. This is because the strength of the internet is somehow mind boggling. The strategy that you have to make depends on the search engine guidelines. And these search engines like Google changes its algorithm time by time. So you have to keep yourself up with the pace. You must always be updated with the recent changes such as Panda and Penguin refreshes. By doing this, you can adjust to every situation and set up a perfect strategy for every change.

Specifically, Panda refers to the on page factors such as content quality, web page design and navigation, and keyword quality. On the other hand, Penguin examines the site’s link density and variation. Google is stressing all the time that high quality content is always king in the search engines. High quality content is often described as fresh, readable, and not duplicated. It is also all about user experience. Google does not necessarily care about your business. It cares more about the users and providing them with the good user experience possible through quality results in the main pages of Google.

When it comes to links, the latest Penguin update suggests webmasters to use keywords that directly point to your url, company name, brand name, and other forms of naked links. For search engines, this is more natural compared to over optimising your main keyword. To rank well, you have to balance your link distribution. Diverse links and anchor text to make it appear natural in the eyes of Google.

Before implementing these strategies, you have to understand first the type of business you are involved in. Keyword research and knowing how your target behaves and interacts online are crucial preliminary steps before venturing to the backlinking game. It is also wise to study the performance of your competitor and decide whether you can match them or not. In addition, you can also learn tips and strategies from them and may be applied to yours too as well. But normally, this type of strategic planning can be a trial and error process for people that are new in internet marketing. It takes time to fully understand the market and how to respond or take advantage of it. To cope up with this plan, you may need software tools that automatically provide information regarding the market potential of each particular keyword. Always treat your keyword as a market that you have to rise in. Always bear in mind that the conversion of your products and services highly depends on the keyword that you are trying to rank for.

Jose Carlos R. Lindayag is an SEO Specialist who works for an Australian based company known as Rapid SEO Expert.

With his knowledge and experience, Carlos tends to share what he has learned to all the people in the SEO community who are having a hard time in ranking their websites.

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