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Today watching online videos has become a daily activity for anyone. Websites such as YouTube and Vimeo etc. have, for their user friendliness, propagated this trend. These websites are specifically made for sharing videos with one another. A user has to just open an account with them and start uploading, and thereby sharing his and others’ videos. The ever-growing popularity of these websites have attracted businesses the world over to share their commercial videos as well.

As the demand and popularity of these websites have increased, so is the number of videos that are being uploaded on them. Hence, it has become quite important to upload only those videos which are definite to fetch results in terms of number of views. Let’s see the points which are to be kept in mind before going in for a creative video

Duration: To create video which catches everyone’s attention, it is important to keep it short and simple. A short video can be viewed quickly, without getting bored.

Entertainment: No matter what is your message, a video high on complex and lengthy words will fail to cut the ice with your viewers. An appealing creative video is one which has a balance of information and entertainment. When a viewer gets entertained along with getting informed, he feels a sense of oneness to the video.

Information: A video should never try to squeeze in all the information of a business in a single video, making it hard for viewers to gulp down the message in one go. In other words, only prime and relevant information is to be given in a video.

Location: No doubt it matters where you upload your video. A video uploaded on obscure site may not catch everyone’s attention. Further, uploading them only on popular sites may also not do justice with them. The key is to upload them on emerging sites as well to optimize their chances of getting viewed by more and more people. And, it is also important that your video should appear on the landing page of your website.

Animation: Use of animation technology in videos is very important to keep viewers glued to them. The advantages of creating a video with animation are many, such as the characters used therein can portray even those things which are not possible in a general video. These videos can be made in a short duration and that too within a limited budget.

To create video rich in content and quality, it is important to know beforehand the nature, likings and preferences of your target audience.

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