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For many companies, the creation of a Smartphone app to further their brand image has become a “no-brainer” step towards developing a new brand, and of course, with any apps development, one also needs to think about how to promote that app through something like SEO, using the wide array of techniques at the disposal of a SEO company to create a buzz around the new app, hopefully pushing it to the top of the sales charts.

First though, the app needs to be created, and that step can often be the most difficult. Very few businesses can afford to create a division of their company to devote to apps development, unless that is already their business. It is simply unreasonable to have a new part of the company created to do a single app. The alternative is to get in touch with a business that makes apps for businesses that cannot afford to have the apps development done in house. One of these development houses can create an app exactly to a client’s specs extremely quickly.

But what kind of app should a business be looking for when trying to promote themselves? There are quite a few different routes to take when it comes to business apps development, and the most popular seems to be the creation of some sort of “Advertising App” where its only real purpose is to advertise. Sure, it makes the eventual SEO easy for the SEO company doing it, but it leaves the consumer unsatisfied, and they are getting better at picking out those apps and ignoring them. Instead, many businesses are considering using app co-branding, where they take an existing (popular) Smartphone game, and then slap their branding on it. The game will be downloaded tons of time, and while the SEO is much harder for the SEO company to do, the base audience even without SEO becomes enormous.

Once the app has been made, it is time to move on to the promotion step. This, will of course, requires SEO, ideally done by an experienced SEO company. If done correctly, this sort of strategy can lead to the app spreading extremely rapidly, and climbing sales charts quickly. Once the app is up on top of the sales charts, even if it only remains there for a few days, the attention that it receives will be more than worth the initial investment made in both the apps development and the SEO company.

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