What Is Banners Broker?

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So, what is Banners Broker?

Banners Broker is an online advertising company. A genuine, real one, based in Toronto, Canada. A fledgling company, which started trading only in late 2010 which has since seen its growth sky-rocket to such an extent that at some points, it almost couldn’t keep up with itself.

The company name is quite a literal one. ‘Banners’ refers to the fact they are involved in on-line advertising, more specifically, they deal in the placement of banner adverts. And ‘Broker’ suggests they use their ever-expanding buying power within the industry to efficiently partner-up with an increasing number of websites and businesses to provide an advertising platform worth considering.

The business model is very similar to that of a more well-known brand, one that rhymes with ‘oogle’. They connect Advertisers (people with stuff to promote) with Publishers (website owners who want to monetize their site). By acting as the middle-man between these two groups on a large-enough scale, they are able to rent space on publishers’ websites in a cost effective way, and make a nice profit from the resulting advertising trade. Google do pretty much the same thing. Advertisers (the people with stuff to promote) use AdWords and publishers (website owners who want to monetize their site) use AdSense. But this works so successfully because of one simple fact. Google’s traffic is big. Enormous. Astro-ginorm-mahoosive. Google offers a service that millions of people want already (the search engine).

What is Banners Broker doing differently then?

Obviously Banners Broker worldwide traffic is nowhere near as impressive as the big G’s. Still, something is happening that is allowing them to grow at such an undeniably impressive rate. Banners Broker have invented a rewards system that makes them very attractive to potential customers, both advertisers and publishers alike. Their ‘Ad-Pub Combo’ package allows people to not only advertise their products or services like a normal advertising package would (such as AdWords), but also gives them a piece of the publishing pie, at the same time. By renting out pieces of on-line real estate (similar to AdSense), customers are able to re-coup the original cost of their advertising package, and earn a profit on top.

Banners Broker aren’t a search engine. They don’t have that special feature that already brings millions to it’s virtual doors. But by offering every customer the Banners Broker compensation plan, they are ‘going viral’. Once one person discovers they can make 100% profit on every purchase they make (whether it be $10, or $2,430), they’ll tell someone else. And once that person experiences it for themselves, they’ll pass it on. And so on…

This is where the claims of the Banners Broker scam come from. Some ill-informed people think it is a Ponzi, or some sort of dodgy MLM. People start to get suspicious, and figure that if it is a genuine business that makes a legitimate profit, then why is there a need to reward its’ customers so generously? Why would they give away so much of their well-earned money?

The answer is, growth. Of course they don’t need to offer such a large reward in order to make a profit. They’d do just fine with the business they have currently. But they would never achieve the rate of growth which they have seen and are currently experiencing if they didn’t offer something that the majority of it’s potential customers couldn’t refuse.

What is Banners Broker? It’s not a scam, not a Ponzi, not even an MLM… It’s just a standard advertising platform with a generous rewards program. That’s it… For a more comprehensive break-down on how Banners Broker works, watch the video at http://noble-knows.com/bannersbroker

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