Why You Should Build An Email List From The Beginning

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Have you started your email list building campaign yet? You damn well should be if your end goal is to make lots of money online. Still, I read posts on many forums where people still have not started list building. Personally, I can understand why, even though it’s an absolute joke.

Let me explain:

It took me close to a year before I began list building. Today, that seems crazy to me. I know now, of course, that building a list of people who you can contact over and over again is just common sense marketing. So why did it take me so long? Well, for me personally, I was always waiting until I could generate enough traffic to make it worth the effort. This seemed to make sense to me at the time. After all, if you have no traffic, then what’s the point in building a list, right?

Waiting For Traffic (and why it’s the wrong strategy)

The reason the “waiting for traffic” mentality is all wrong, is simple. Your focus is not laser targeted on the highest ROI for the time you put in. You will always generate some sort of traffic to your web space, but your conversions will be dramatically reduced, therefore, you will consistently see little to no results for your efforts. This can (and does) take its toll, especially when motivation is key to keep plugging away. You see, most fail online because they lose focus and end up jumping from strategy to strategy because they see little to no results in the short term.

The truth is tough, if you had been sending that “small” amount of traffic to a squeeze page, or even a blog with an opt-in form with a fantastic freebie to give away, you would have seen some sort of results for your efforts.

Even if the visitor count is low, you will see results. Now, let’s say you had 30 visitors to your blog a day over the course of one month. Without an opt-in form to capture leads, you will most definitely see little to no results from that visitor statistic. This is where it can get tricky, you’re doing a lot of work getting people to your website, but you feel like your efforts are being wasted somewhat.

Now let’s say you have opt-in forms on that same website and have a fantastic free gift to give away in exchange for an email address. Let’s assume your traffic is targeted and you get 2 opt-ins out of every 30 visitors. After a month has passed, you now have 60 leads inside your business. You can promote to them, send them to new blog posts etc. 60 leads doesn’t seem like much, and to be honest, it isn’t, but what you have gotten is far more valuable.

What You Get (what you’ve got)

You now have seen some results for your efforts and inevitably your motivation gets that all important boost. You have more focus because you want to see how many more opt-ins you can get. You tweak things on your blog here and there to get higher conversions… you take much more focused action.

You build a squeeze page that converts at 50% and send traffic directly to that. Now you are getting 450 leads a month from the same efforts and your motivation becomes stronger. You work harder, you generate more leads, you get more opt-ins, you build a relationship with your list and you begin to make sales. There you go, you are now on the way to creating a long term sustainable business, and all because you built that damn list from the start.

There are obviously many variables in what I laid out here today. Your conversions could be lower, or higher… whatever. The point is simple though, yes? So what are you waiting for? Get to building that list immediately. Waiting for traffic is not the best approach. Ditch your reasons (excuses) and get to work.

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