11 Types of Videos You Can Create and Put Out on YouTube to Market Your Business

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If you are not harnessing YouTube to market your business, you should start doing it immediately. These are two good reasons why: every hour over 4 years’ worth of video is uploaded to YouTube; by 2013, 90% of all traffic on the internet will be on video. In this article I am sharing with you 11 types of videos you can create to market your business on YouTube.

1. Face on camera – you can talk to a camera and this is what a lot of people do, and I use this method to create “What to do” videos. I believe when you are on a camera live, it is a great opportunity to introduce yourself as a personality to your audience. It is the quickest way to establish and build a rapport and authority with your prospects and subscribers. I also attach a few “face on camera” videos to my email as part of my signature.

2. Out and about (spontaneous) – you might record a video on the move while you are walking or hanging out in a bar, you can use your phone and record a video talking to your subscribers. Again by doing this you create a deeper bond with your audience and they get to know you better and may be more inclined to doing business with you. Remember: people buy from people they know, like and trust.

3. Screen capture – this is one of my favourite types of video. You record your screen and show the people what you do. This type is extremely useful to record “How to” videos: for example, “How to build your mailing list in 5 easy steps”. If you are a chef, for example, you can be doing a series of cooking videos. If you are a fitness instructor, for instance, you can record a series of exercises for a particular group of muscles etc.

4. Seminars – you can record a seminar or a workshop you run. This is a great way to promote yourself if you are a coach, speaker or author.

5. Webinar replays – you can upload a webinar recording to your YouTube channel with a link to a special offer that was promoted to the webinar attendees.

6. Testimonials – if you get a testimonial from your customer, ask them to do a video testimonial for you. It is even a better idea to have a flip camera with you and record a video testimonial there and then after you offered them your service and they tried it.

7. Interviews – you can interview someone face to face, just like Oprah Winfrey does. You can even do this without leaving your home by using Camtasia. Here is a good tip – always send a list of questions to a person you interview a few days before the interview to make the most success out of it.

8. Picture slideshow – this is similar to a PowerPoint presentation or you can show a collage of pictures to demonstrate a business or product. You can actually start with this type of videos if you have a reservation to speak in front of a video camera. It will certainly help you build your confidence.

9. Demonstration is similar to “How to” videos, but it is actually a physical demonstration of a product live on the screen. There is a blender company in the US and they do lots of videos about their products. They took an iPad and put it in a blender and blended it. The video went viral. What they were showing is that they can not only blend something which is soft, but also hard metallic objects.

10. Product review – a video that reviews a product or service and provides some recommendations for it and people can go and buy it if they like. This type of video is good for affiliate offers.

11. Promotional – you can do promotional videos where you advertise something, but do not do many of those, because you can be given a warning by YouTube if you put out too many of them.

You can choose just one or a few types of videos which are most relevant for your business model. To create a video you can use a web camera on your computer, your smart phone, flip camera or a video software like Camtasia.

If you are not sure how to deal with webinars and need help, visit my webinar services page. I will always be happy to assist you and you will see that running webinars does not have to be a boring and time-consuming chore!

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