5 Theories To Why Your SEO Strategy Fails

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Being the most important process involved in SEO, link-building – only if done the right way – can improve your SEO rankings, significantly. But unfortunately, many website owners do not get great results despite having persistence on ethical link-building. Are you getting disappointed because your time and energy isn’t paying off? Even if you have avoided illegal link-building techniques like paid linking, link tribes, reciprocal linking, link spamming, etc., here are 5 possible factors why link-building still isn’t working for you, and many others, too.

1. You’re getting links from sites with zero PageRank

Even if you have created many hyperlinks, you will not get any significant results if they’re all coming from websites with a PageRank (PR) of 0. These are low excellent hyperlinks which will be of very little or no help to your SEO campaign. So, get your hyperlinks from websites with a moderate or high PageRank. Your link-building initiatives will be effective if you get hyperlinks from websites with a PR of 3 and above. Keep in mind that the greater the PageRank of a website, the better the quality of the back-link you will get from it.

2. You’re getting links from sites with the “nofollow” tag

Because hyperlinks from great PR websites are very weighty, website owners and blog owners spare no chances of getting them. So, they keep comments on as many as possible great PR websites, with hyperlinks to their blogs or websites. This, ordinarily, would have enhanced their SEO positions significantly. But unfortunately, hyperlinks from many great PR websites have the “nofollow” feature attached to them and, therefore, are ineffective for SEO purposes – though they can help drive more traffic to your website.

To save your some time to energy, examine if any website has the “nofollow” feature by viewing the HTML web page source. To locate this feature tag, use the “find” command and type “nofollow” in the pillar. If you look for the tag within the HTML code for the website, it means hyperlinks from that website will not help your SEO endeavours.

3. You’re getting links from sites unrelated to your blog

Most blog owners commit this mistake. While developing hyperlinks to your website on irrelevant weblogs will not hurt if you do not have SEO in mind, doing the same in the name of link-building will not be effective. It’s pointless when you make hyperlinks from a travel weblog to your health weblog, or from a pet care weblog to your fashion weblog.

So, for your link-building initiatives to deliver outcomes, get hyperlinks only from relevant, related blogs or websites.

4. You’re getting links from pages with many links

The more the number of outgoing hyperlinks on a web page, the lower the quality of each. This explains why hyperlinks designed via blog commenting may not be good enough for SEO, especially when thousands of comments are published on the same web page. Similar is when you have your back-link on another website’s “links” web page – on which thousands of hyperlinks are listed.

To get top excellent hyperlinks, make hyperlinks only on webpages with few confident hyperlinks. A weblink on a web page with just three confident hyperlinks exceeds that placed on a web page with about 20.

5. You’re getting links without your keyword in anchor text

If you really want to position highly for any keywords, use them in the anchor-text when developing hyperlinks to your website. Skipping this deprives weblink contractors of great outcomes. So, enough of generic core text messages like “click here”, “my blog”, etc. (But use them once in a while because they make your hyperlinks seem more natural to Google and major look for engines)

Now, you have discovered 5 common link-building errors that keep most blog owners and website owners disappointed. Have you been committing any of them? Now, you can correct yourself, and you will start getting the outcomes you wanted. And if you are just planning of starting your own SEO campaign, prevent these errors, and you will get great outcomes, quickly.

This is an article written by Tan Jie Hao, who writes about Internet Marketing and Making Money Online at http://www.moneyfastneasy.com

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