7 Ways To Use YouTube To Drive Traffic To Your Website

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There are several ways in driving traffic to your website. Some of the ways include all the Social Media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and so on. They can be overwhelming and you might not know where to start.

In as much as all Social Media Marketing methods would drive traffic, there is one method which should not be ignored and this is the power of using videos to drive traffic to your website.

YouTube is a great platform to use to drive traffic. Google is the number one search engine and it owns YouTube. What does it mean? This means that your videos are also ranked on Google.

Having a video on YouTube is owning your own channel and it is free advertisement.

Here are the 7 Ways to use YouTube to drive traffic:

  1. Share some content and it does not have to be too long. It can be as short as two minutes. The length of the video matters because of the attention span of people, as you do not want your viewers to drift off.
  2. After you have shared your message, thank your audience for listening to you. Do you know that they could be listening to someone else? But they chose to listen to you so be grateful.
  3. The next stage is Call to Action. This is where you tell them to click on the link below your video to claim their free gifts. It is good to describe the gifts you are going to give them. The gifts can be in the form of free videos, report, mp3 and so on.
  4. In addition to the above tip always ensure that you leave your website details at the bottom of the video. This is the place where they will click and this will drive traffic to your site.
  5. Encourage your viewers to share your videos on all the Social Media sites. YouTube allows the viewers to share your videos on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. If your information is very valuable they can also embed your video on their website.
  6. Also encourage your viewers to subscribe to your channel. When they do subscribe to your channel they will be expecting more videos from you. Make it a habit to post more videos.
  7. Remember that in every video you put on YouTube, introduce yourself by mentioning your name and what you do and how you add value to people’s lives.

Avoid perfection in your videos. Just post and add value. Any time your viewers watch you on YouTube they will believe that they know you as they feel more connected to you. They get to watch your body language, your sense of humor and this is great in attracting more clients.

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