Afraid of Losing Your Data Online? Switch to Data Backup Plans Now

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According to the updates by Cisco Visual Networking Index of June 2009, by 2013 the annual IP traffic will reach 667 Exabyte. With terabytes of data stored on servers every day, data backup is essential. Losing data therefore is of prime concern for everyone. It can incur huge losses to businesses. Retrieving data should always be considered a number one priority. That is why data – backup is so essential.

What is data – backup? There can be times where you can lose important information. For example, corruption of data happens frequently. Hardware failures, natural disasters are or any other cause of data loss is unacceptable. So, a contingency plan to retrieve your data back from servers is what one needs to think about. Data – backup is like a data log on the server. Retrieval of data can be performed anytime.

Regular backup updates are very essential. Viruses and online threats are common these days. No matter how secure the network is, hackers will always find backdoors to get to you. Marinating a backup, of your data is essential and should be done regularly to keep your websites and other data secure.

Web hosting services usually come with data backup services. They store your data on servers. If your websites has multiple websites then try maintaining a separate user backup for each. It provides easy recovery with discrete data to maintain good functionality. Generally hosting service providers categorize data backup in two ways.

1.) Full back-up 2.) Incremental back-up
A full back – up usually refers to when you create backup for your entire data on the website. This takes a lot of time and space. So, this type of backup plan can be a little expensive. But it is very useful as well. You always have an updated log of your data. Whereas in incremental data – back up, a backup is created since it last changes were recorded. It’s like your computer which creates a system restore point. This system is much easier.

You decide your backup requirements. Some web hosting companies charge for this service. They may offer you monthly, weekly or even an hourly updating system. The data is generally kept on secure and heavy firewall servers. If your company has large amounts of secure data, you can ask for an hourly backup plan. They might also give you a customized panel for your own backup schedule.

Whatever the services, data backup is very essential for all. Suppose you host a website in the UAE and you are in the US and if it is threatened by some of the above mentioned scenarios, it won’t be able to sustain. Retrieval of data should be done from any part of the globe. This kind of feature is very essential for business websites.

This process of data – backing is an integral part in the business of hosting. It gives the customer, satisfaction, and uninterrupted services.

Mr. Barry is a management industry consultant with about 19 years now. So he has much of the best industry exposure. He has worked with companies of several genre and sizes. Also Mr. Barry has done extensive research; widely in a number of fields.

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