Are We Close to Running Out of Domain Names?

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Verisign recently came out with it’s quarterly report and inside of it had some interesting numbers. Verisign mentions in the report that in the end of the second quarter for 2011 there were more than 196.3 million domain registrations across all top level domains, which is an increase of 3 million domains from the first quarter. It was also interesting to see that domains, they surpassed the 100 million mark.

So what does all of this data show you and what does it mean? For one thing, it means there is a growing demand for domain names but also if this pace continues, we will soon run out of quality domain names. When you begin your search for a domain name you look for catchy names that relate to your business ending with, but likely as not the domain you really want is already taken. Some have even noticed that their actual business name is taken as well.

With only so many variations for the major domains like .com and .net and with it’s growth rate, it’s clear to see that we will soon run out. Yeah there will always some type of variation of but most likely or not it won’t relate to your business or be really long that it makes it nearly impossible for your customers to remember it.

That is why buying up domains have become a big business. Quality domains are a dime a dozen right now and people know that. They buy up quality names in the hopes of reselling it. Just recently we have seen domain names sell for millions. Some of the biggest were which sold for $16 million, which sold for $5.1 million and which sold for $3 million.

Domain names are the hottest piece of virtual real estate out there. With few quality domains left on the market, people holding these domain names know that the longer they hold them the more it will increase in value. Unless you’re willing to pay a lot of money, finding a good domain name for your business has become nearly impossible and will only get harder as more and more domains get bought up. The question now becomes is there a way to make more available to people that want to start online businesses.

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