Be the Hammer – Make All Your Problems Look Like Nails

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Having recently embarked on a vigorous campaign for our on-line business, I have encountered problems which have seemed insurmountable. Since embracing social media is imperative for any contemporary marketer, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have become fairly simple tools to use but when I began several months ago, they seemed impenetrable.

Similarly, the newer viral marketing requires discarding old habits which no longer work, re-learning methods of traffic acquisition and message design. The constants are learning both as noun and a verb. Google key words have become so expensive that for many of us, they are no longer viable for our small businesses.

How do we handle all this change which can seems chaotic?

Here are some techniques which have worked for me.

  • Create a plan. Sure, it may sound too simple but that is the only way to make a path through the chaos. The alternative is to flit from one activity to another wasting valuable time and energy.
  • Devise the list of the most important activities which can potentially result in desired results- for me, that is increased traffic and customers.
  • Share the list with your partners to assure that you are all on the same page; in environments of great change like that of on-line marketing in 2012, it is dangerously tempting for a team members to run off in different directions resulting in wasted money and time.
  • Prevent that through frequent and clear communication among all your partners.
  • Learn patience. Once again, this is so easy to say but so incredibly important.
  • Take frequent breaks for exercise, and fun.
  • Celebrate accomplishments.

Dr. Lin Wilder is a former Hospital Director, now full time internet marketer and writer. If you liked this article, Lin suggests her new book, Secrets to Email Marketing- Lin can be contacted at

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