Business Domain Names: Same As Your Company Name?

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Yes. No. Maybe. It all depends. How is that for a straight answer? They are all correct, however, and worth discussing one at a time.

Let’s say “Yes” first. Yes, if possible, get a domain name that is the same as your business name. And it should be possible to find business domain names in almost any conceivable combination available in one domain extension or another. No matter what you have been told, it doesn’t have to be a com. Only the very lucky will find anything resembling their business’s name still available in com.

That still leaves several hundred domain extensions to look into: everything from.Asia to.Vg for the Virgin Islands. Oh, I forgot, there is also a domain extension, .ZM, for Zambia. Are they all viable extensions for business domain names? You bet! But I’m leaving that discussion for a later article.

Now let us move on to no. There are several situations in which I would say “No”to a domain name repeating a business name. An over-long business name is one example. Short is usually preferable to long unless the short won’t imprint on a customer’s mind. The com, net and org registries limit names to 63 characters. A name difficult or impossible to remember or spell correctly is another. Whatever you do, do not abbreviate your business name simply to make it shorter unless the abbreviation is a common one like a state or country: “Mn” for Minnesota would be fine as will “USA” for you know who; but substituting “arch” for architect or “eng” for engineer in business domain names will only bring grief–and few if any repeat customers.

Then there is “maybe”… like in “maybe keywords might be preferable.” Few people type addresses anymore. Instead of typing “” into the address line of their browser, they type “light bulbs” into a search box and let themselves be transported by Google or Yahoo to a search page filled with relevant sites. That being said, if your product line is predominantly light bulbs, your site will rest higher on the search page if the keyword sought, “light bulb,” is in your domain name and what could be easier to remember than a short product name like this one.

Think about having more than one domain name directing to your site. Be sure they all 301 redirect or you might get “dinged” by Google for similar content. In that manner you can have it both ways, your business domain name and maybe your product domain name as well.

At this point you have no doubt come to realize that the only answer worth thinking about in the matter of business domain names is “It all depends.” As you also know, every business has its own demands. “Yes” might serve as the best answer in some situations; “No” is best in still others. And “maybe” is a constant.

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