Choosing And Registering Your Domain Name

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A vital part of your Internet marketing system is to learn how to acquire and register your domain name. This is the web address that people will use to find your website and it is NOT your actual website itself. Actual website will be a collection of documents, files and images that you upload to your web hosting account.

Why is there a need for a domain name?
In the physical world, you can distinguish a business because of its physical structure, window displays or signs. For example, a bank is a bank or a retail clothing store is indeed a clothing store.

On the Internet, it is definitely an entirely different story. Your domain name is the only initial clue to what your online business is about. You do not have any other physical clues such as physical location or building. Instead, users have to type in a word or a set of words and numbers into the address bar of their web browser to reach your site. Other than your web address (your domain name) your prospective visitor has no way of knowing what your site is all about until he or she actually goes to the website and explores it.

For example who would ever guess that is an online book store? Or that is a search engine just from their domain names alone?

How to choose a good domain name?
The need to provide web surfers with immediate clues as to what their online business is about explains why smaller business normally use generic keyword based domain names. Generic keyword based names instantly provide the user with an idea of what a business provides, what to expect and look for in a particular website.

The following tips to choose a good domain name:

1) The domain name should be fairly short

2) The domain name should be simple

3) It should contain keywords that people would be likely to use when doing an internet search for your type of website. For example, if you sell toys, the word toys should be in the domain name so that people can easily find your site in the future or refer your site to their friends.

4) It should be suggestive as to the nature of your business

5) It should be easy to interpret and pronounce

6) It should be easy to spell

7) It should be easy to remember

How to register your domain name?
Once you have decided on a domain name (you might want to have a couple in mind in case your first choice is unavailable), you can register at

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