Does Your Adult Web Host Use Parallel Servers?

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When you’re running an adult website, the chances are extremely good that the site has a lot of traffic, and that you need it to be up and running at all times. Truthfully though, because maintenance and upgrades need to be performed on the server from time to time, no server can ever be up and running 100 per cent of the time. But that doesn’t mean that your adult web host can’t take certain precautions to ensure that your site is up and running as much, and for as long, as possible. For this, there are parallel servers.

Parallel servers are servers that experienced adult hosting will run side by side. One server is identified as the main server and is the one that is mainly used for anything on the site. The other server, the parallel server, will hold all of the exact same information and have the exact same requirements as the main server. It’s this parallel server that will take over when the main server is down. The visitor, nor the administrator of the site, will notice that the parallel server has taken over and things will continue to run smoothly.

Parallel servers are great tools when web hosts need to run maintenance or perform upgrades on the site; but that’s not all they’re good for. These parallel servers will also step in should the main server ever shut down unexpectedly, such as from a huge traffic influx to the website, or because there’s damage done to the original server. This is most important for webmasters of adult websites because it’s these shutdowns that can be most harmful to the site. Website owners are usually informed of maintenance and upgrades and therefore, they can also inform their visitors that the site will be shut down for some time. Because of this, it’s typically not these shutdowns that webmasters are so concerned about; but rather, the unexpected times when their site shuts down for seemingly no reason.

There is one time when a parallel server will not help your site, and that’s in the case of unexpected power outages. When this occurs, both servers will be shut down right away and your site could still experience a significant amount of downtime until the power can be restored and your server can come back online. Because of this, there needs to be one more backup plan in place, and that comes with a generator.

A generator is an electricity-creating machine that will kick in should all other power sources fail, and it’s essential that any web host have at least one. Aside from solar and wind power, this is the only real backup that you, your website, and your web host will have should anything happen at the power source of the server.

There are lots of things you need to know about your adult web host before signing on with them. But one thing that cannot go overlooked is that they use parallel servers. This is your assurance that your site will always be up and running, and that traffic can get through at any time they’d like.

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