Effective Internet Marketing Is Possible On A Low Budget

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Most new Internet marketers struggle learning how to advertise their websites, products, or affiliate links without spending a small fortune. One of the areas in which a lot of mistakes are often made is with PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. And if you are a beginner, you probably are making some serious mistakes that will cost you money with this form of marketing. However, successful Internet marketing is possible with just a few great techniques to reduce the cost of your PPC campaigns.

Learning and developing the skill of good keyword research will ultimately determine your level of success with online marketing. PPC ads are actually keyword-targeted campaigns; therefore keywords can be extremely effective or drain your pockets. Many Internet marketing programs express that building large lists of general keywords will generate more traffic. Although short, general keywords often have high levels of search volume, they are the most common reason a good campaign fails in global Internet marketing. Keywords with high search volumes are generally the most expensive keywords to bid on, resulting in higher per-click costs. General keywords most often will not convert into leads, sales or quality traffic, because they are too broad in scope. In short, general keywords that generate hundreds or even thousands of non-targeted non-buyers are never as valuable as one highly-targeted potential customer.

Many times new marketers are afraid to remove general, closely related keywords for fear of losing the additional traffic to their website. More likely than not, these keywords will not result in higher conversions and cost a lot more per click. The solution? Effective PPC Internet marketing is feasible by using long-tail keywords in highly targeted ad campaigns.

Long-tail keywords are terms that are made up of four or more words directly related to your product or service. For example, if you’re running a global internet marketing campaign selling an e-book that teaches people how to train their dog, you will find terms like “dog training”, “canine training”, and “puppy training”. These terms and similar terms like them are the most over-used keywords and therefore, the most costly. By using keyword programs or sites like Google Keyword Tool, you will find long-tail keywords consisting of four or more words like “canine obedience training commands”, “dog training hand signals chart”, and “dog training tricks and tips”. Although these terms have far fewer search results, they will be much more highly-targeted to what your potential buyer was searching for. By building a large number of ads specifically targeted with long-tail keywords, you will attract a substantial number of clicks. The greatest advantage is that long-tail keywords cost a great deal less than the more general, high volume keywords.

From your list of long-tail keywords you will need to build very specific ad campaigns around these terms. It is important not to group all of your keywords into one ad group. Instead build separate ad groups for each long-tail keyword and only add additional keywords that have the same root keyword phrase like “dog training hand signals” and “dog training hand signals chart”. Remember, if your potential buyers are searching for apples, you don’t want your ad to try to sell them bananas.

By following these simple tips you are going to have more successful PPC campaigns while lowering your marketing costs at the same time. Effective Internet marketing is possible with the proper techniques and will ultimately improve the quality of your traffic.

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