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The Internet offers incomparable opportunities to break into new markets and target a specific audience. But traditional SEO can be slow to yield results. This was when Pay per Click was introduced. It offers a quick way to not only target your audience but also yield quick results. This is because PPC campaign management lets you to place your product directly in front of those who are already actively searching for it.

So, what is PPC?

Pay per Click also widely known as PPC is one of the fastest ways of getting results in digital marketing. In this, the advertisers pay the host site for every click they receive. It is also known as Cost per click i.e. CPC.

Where and how is it done?

• Search Networks: This means advertising on search engines. Google, Yahoo and Bing are the leaders but there are also many others. They display your ads on the right hand side under the label of “sponsored links”. But, these appear only when a keyword relevant to your ad has been searched. We shall see proper targeting of keywords later. Search Networks generally have a bid for a certain keyword.

• Content Networks: These are websites that let you advertise on their site. But only those ads that are relevant or somehow related to their content will be given a place. They mostly do not bid but work on a fixed price model. Here every advertiser has to pay the same price.

How to do it effectively?

• Target your markets: If you are a local brand, target only the locals. For instance, if you are based in the US you could target Google’s US domain. Or if you are a product focused on the youth, you could target the age group of 14- 25 years.

• Choose Relevant Keywords: Google provides you with a tool called Google AdWords to check which keywords are the most searched. These statistics can be refined on the basis of location, search engine and a lot more.

• Optimize your bids: Since Google provides you with such an efficient tool, do not just blindly jump in for the most highly searched keyword. Research on which keyword people are most likely to search when looking for your product or service. Do not pay highly for a keyword just because you have to. Calculate how many visitors you could get and how many could convert to sales. All of this according to your target audience. And then bid in such a way that you will have a good ROI.

• Ad Copy and landing page must convert to leads and sales: Your ad copy should be compelling and must have a call to action. When a person clicks, he must be directed to your landing page. Make sure this page does not have too many links or the user could get distracted and bounce back. Have attractive content and a form or submission so that you could get back to them or they could connect with you.

• Refine Your Campaign: Continuously monitor your campaign and alter it according to changing trends and seasons.

• Measure results: This type of marketing campaign has the most quantifiable results. Thus use the different tools available wisely to extract good data. For instance, Facebook and LinkedIn insights, Google Analytics etc. This will help you know exactly how well or how bad your campaign is fairing.

So here is everything you need to know about having a successful PPC campaign management strategy.

Here is everything you need to know about having a successful PPC campaign management strategy.

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