Finding the Best Keywords for a PPC Campaign

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If you have been an Internet marketer for very long at all, you are surely aware that doing keyword research is a vital part of driving traffic to your website. You may not have realized that there is a significant difference between the keywords you choose for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes and those you might use for a PPC campaign, however. Knowing the differences and how to apply them properly for each of your online businesses can make or break the profitability of each enterprise. Here are some tips for finding the most effective keywords for your advertising dollar.

• When finding search terms for SEO, website managers must concentrate on the most popular words for their niche. In other words, they want to be sure that their pages are loaded with the terms that are used most often across the whole Internet. When thinking about the best terms to use for PPC, however, you need a different mindset. Instead of concentrating on the most popular or most frequently used terms, try to think of as many different phrases and combinations of words as you possibly can that folks might use when searching in your niche.

• Brainstorming and knowing your product line well can often produce a long list of relevant terms to help you with your PPC campaign. Get your friends together to help you come up with as many different terms and combinations as you possibly can. You should also check out the source pages of your competitors to see if they have any other keywords in use that you may have missed.

• Even though you may think that you have gathered all of the plausible combinations of words, you really should consider using a keyword research tool to help you with the job. There are plenty of good-quality, low cost tools available to help you as a marketer in your search for long tail keyword phrases. The small investment you will make in the purchase of such a program will more than pay for itself when you build a successful campaign.

• Keep in mind that you will need to keep updating your list of words even after your ad campaign is up and running. The Internet is nothing if not fluid, and things change rapidly in the online world. Keep checking for new keywords and phrases and add them to your ads as their conversion rates dictate. You should also be ruthless in cutting out any keywords that lose their effectiveness. Your ad budget can only benefit by eliminating the dead wood from your campaign.

• Once your advertising scheme has begun, be sure to do proper monitoring. You need to keep an eye on which combinations of keywords, ads, and landing pages are bringing in the most revenue, and which ones are ineffective. Try different combinations of these three elements and see if they work better one way or another. You may be surprised to find that a certain keyword has a great conversion rate when combined with one ad text, but a dismal rate when used with another one. Use all the data you gather to refine and adjust your campaign.

• You will most likely find that using the most popular search engine keywords for PPC as you would for basic SEO is too expensive. While some of the most-used terms may bring you traffic, it is often not highly targeted, and that means your conversion rate with those terms will be low. You may find that less popular, (and less expensive) long tail phrases produce visitors who are primed and ready to make a purchase when they arrive at your site.

• You must realize that simply bidding on good keywords does not guarantee a successful ad campaign. You also must have well worded ads, landing pages that deliver what they promise, good sales copy, and the ability to track your conversions if you hope to make a profit. But understanding the value of keywords is the basis for your whole enterprise, so be sure that you do your homework in the area thoroughly.

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