Five Reasons Why Quality Web Hosting Is Important

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For a website to work successfully for a business it is important that a quality web hosting service is used. There are a number of reasons why quality web hosting can benefit a website as well as reasons why failing to choose the right host can harm the potential of a site.

1. Fast Load Times

From a consumers point of view acceptable load time are important. With the speed of the internet getting faster people expect a website to load almost immediately. If your site isn’t loading then visitors are not going to hang around and wait; they are likely to give up and visit the website of one of your competitors instead. Load speeds can also impact search engine rankings. Over the last couple of years Google has started to use website load times as a factor in their result pages. This is only one of over two-hundred factors in a ranking but very slow load times are still likely to impact a sites ranking and, in turn, impact their business.

2. Little Downtime

For many reasons a large amount of downtime is a problem. You are paying for a website to be live and if it often isn’t then you shouldn’t accept this and should switch providers. That doesn’t mean you should jump ship at the first sign of any downtime, as some is inevitable, but it shouldn’t be a regular occurrence. The aim of a website is to attract a good number of visitors but it doesn’t matter how successfully you do this if they can’t view the site. As with fast load times, a large amount of uptime is important in the search engine rankings, perhaps even more so. If the search engine robots crawl your site and there is no content then they will perceive the site as having little (or no) worth. This is a big problem if this happens repeatedly, for example if your site is offline for a matter of hours, let alone days or weeks. Quality business hosting providers will provide clients with an SLA (service level agreement), whereby a certain amount of uptime is guaranteed. While 100% guaranteed uptime is unrealistic, uptime in excess of 99.9% is achievable. Contracts should include penalties if these promised standards are not met, for example a return of some of your money.

3. Security

The importance of security largely depends on the specific site. It is particularly important for ecommerce sites; they need to be secure if people are going to purchase products through them. Any websites that collect information about visitors or use databases need to be secure, with hosting an important factor in this. You don’t want your site to be impacted by viruses or malware, which is another reason why secure hosting is important.

4. Support

To some businesses quality hosting support is crucial. If there is the possibility of something going wrong then you want this to be established and, if possible, prevented. If something does go wrong then you want it to be resolved as soon as possible. This is particularly the case if the hosting is completely in your providers hands or you don’t have the expertise to resolve these issues yourself.

5. Bandwidth

You need sufficient bandwidth to cope with the traffic you receive. The exact amount required is dependent on how much traffic you expect. The consequence of not having sufficient bandwidth could be slower load times or even visitors not being able to view the sites content at all. Paying for a little more bandwidth than you think will be required is preferable to the risk of paying for too little. Good business hosting providers should be able to advise you on how much bandwidth you require, including options to increase this if it becomes necessary.

The above are just five of the main reasons why choosing quality web hosting is important. For a business website choosing the wrong hosting is likely to have a negative impact on the success of the business as a whole.

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Quality Business Hosting is an important factor in the success or failure of a website.

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